Sunday, March 4

signs of being outside

3/4/2018 11:31 AM

Well, this is just a picture proving that I was outside today. I had to stand up to take this picture because for whatever reason, when I was in the chair, the numbers on the thermometer didn’t show-up very readable. As you can see, it says that it’s almost 75 degrees, but since it’s cloudy and slightly windy, it certainly doesn’t feel that warm, especially in a short sleeve shirt and pajama bottoms.

This is yet another picture taken while I was sitting on the front porch drinking a cuppa coffee. Ya know, I should really try to find out what kind of bush this is, but since the only reason that I need to know it is so I can tell people in the blogosphere, I don’t worry about it.

This is sort of my front yard (to the right of the tree). I believe that is a pecan tree. It doesn’t drop many pecans. What it mostly drops is dead branches in the summer, and leaves in the fall. I have been told that all I need to do to have it start growing pecans, is to feed it. But you know what, that doesn’t seem important to me. 

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