Tuesday, September 26

To Eat or Not to eat

So far, so good, y'all. Getting twinges in my cheek, but no pain at the moment. I'm drinking water without a problem, something I was having problems with last evening (when I went to swallow and touched the roof of my mouth with my tongue). I should probably try and eat something, as I've only had 3 scrambled eggs since yesterday afternoon. But I had so much trouble eating them. Every time I took a bite the pain would kick in (like when the food touched the top of my mouth, my whole mouth would hurt/buzz), so it took me a long time to eat. And now I'm a nervous to try and eat, though I know I should (that whole survival thing. lol). Anyway, that's the latest for me. It's pouring rain at the moment, though it sounds like it has let up a little.