Thursday, March 27

Drigger and stuff

Meet Drigger... again. The pillow she's laying on is normally on a sofa, but my DD had used it in the bathroom when my wife was helping her dye her hair purple. I brought it out of the bathroom and put it on the dishwasher just to get it out of there, but it seems to be serving a better purpose now that Drigger has found it. *smile*

No doubt you've noticed that I haven't been blogging much lately, and that's mainly because *I* don't think my life is all that noteworthy. Others have, in my opinion, much more interesting lives, so I've been reading their stuff. That mostly includes email, but also blogs and Gather articles. I've been reading blogs by May, Christina, and Sunkitty mostly. You should check them ALL out, as they've posted some important things. Other that, I've been having a really hard time staying upbeat, which means not much is really very interesting, but I don't want other's to think that I just ignore them when I'm feeling down. Know what I mean?

What else haven't I told the world? For one, we as a family have decided that when we move we'll be looking for a place in a small town, as opposed to living in the boonies of 'the country' (i.e. rural). Tired of having to drive for a minimum of 25 minutes just to get to a grocery store or restaurant. Plus our kids are getting older and need to be around more people their age, especially our 15 year old daughter. My wife and I feel that as we get older we want friends, shopping and neighbors to be closer. It wasn't too bad when our car was working because it got much better gas mileage than the van (30 mpg vs. 14 mpg), and especially now that gas prices are so high and climbing. We just can't really afford to go "out" as much as we'd like. IF our neighbors where we are were more sociable it'd probably be okay, but they're too much like us in that they're home bodies and very self sufficient, besides our kids are the oldest ones around here, as far as we know since we like NEVER see any kids outside.

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Friday, March 21

Something different

Thought I would do something different today because, well, I can. That "something" is writing in my blog, even though I really don't have anything profound to say. I guess one could argue that I never do, so there's nothing different afterall. Anyway, I got 3 loads of laundry done yesterday, the fourth is on the line waiting to be brought in, and there's a blanket in the wash machine that needs to go out next. The last two things are going to be waiting until Rain and my dearest daughter wake and get up from their morning naps. Well, Rain will be getting up from her night of sleep, and our DD will be getting up from her morning nap (she was up long enough to feed chickens).

The weather yesterday was gorgeous, and today is looking like it's going to be the same. Unfortunately, me wifey was looking at the WeatherBug weekly forecast yesterday, and it said that there will be a possible chance of snow showers turning to rain on Sunday. Snow? NO! It's Spring, damnit! No more snow! Ah well, I guess that's life. *sigh*

I have been avoiding ALL news since this passed weekend. I decided that since I believe there is nothing that I can do about what the government is doing, will do, or has done, that I don't need to hear about it. In all honesty, it's been a little difficult because I got used to at least knowing what's going on. However, I talked about it with my wife and she agreed that if I want to stop getting pissed off about "the government", that I need to ignore it for a while. Thus I decided that I won't even go to any news sites until at least the first of April. Even then it will depend.

So there ya go. Aren't you glad I decided to write? Ha ha ha ha. By the way, everyone is doing fine, chickens are being chickeny, cats and dog are being what they are normally, and we humans are being ourselves. Oh yeah, the kids dyed some hard boiled eggs last night for Oestara. We'll be playing hide and seek with them some time today.

That's it. Bye!

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Friday, March 14

Lap cat. Bowling. Ron Paul meeting.

I have been trying for about 20 minutes to get comfortable enough with a cat on my lap wanting to rest her head on my arms, to write. Been up and down, putting the cat on the floor each time, only to have her jump up on my lap immediately after I return to the computer. *sigh* But hey, at least I'm loved. LOL.

Anyway, not up to much today. But yesterday we, as a family, went to the local bowling alley with a bunch of other homeschoolers who we've never met. Well, there was one family we knew, but the rest were unknowns to us. I sucked at bowling! Apparently I no longer have consistent strength in my bowling hand/arm, cuz I couldn't get that ball to go down the middle of the lane for my life. I even tried using the other side (my left), and bowled even worse because I have less strength in that hand/arm even though I am primarily left handed (except for shooting basketball, bowling, and throwing things). My wife, daughter (15) and son (12) all scored higher than I did, but that's okay, I did outscore the other 12 year old. LOL. After that we stopped and had lunch at McDonald's, then the grocery store and home. Pretty exciting day, huh *grin*

Yesterday my wife got an email telling us that there is a Ron Paul republic caucus meeting in Buffalo, Missouri tomorrow morning between 9:30 and noon, on the court house square downtown. When we talked about it that day, I decided that I probably wouldn't go. I'm still not sure if I can really do anything because we can't afford the gas to drive around a whole lot if, for example, I needed to put up/out Ron Paul 2008 fliers. However, our best friend called me this morning to ask if I'd be going. I thought, "Why not? Could be fun, plus I'd feel like I was contributing by doing more than sending emails and signing on-line petitions, so I said, "Yes". She offered to pick us/me up and go with me/us if we needed a ride. So that's my latest news, I'm going to my first ever political meeting of any type. Somehow managed to avoid going to any for 43 years, but the 2008 Presidential election is critical for the survival of "democracy" (although I'd prefer to return the country back to being a true REPUBLIC) in the U.S.

Monday, March 10

Immigrant population question

If there is not enough room and/or jobs for the amount of people already in N. America (and hasn't been for a long, long time), why the hell do people STILL try to have LARGE families with SO MANY kids? So they'll grow-up knowing over population and not enough jobs and poverty? We either can't or don't take care of the poverty stricken NOW.

All those kids are going to eventually grow-up and "take away" older/other people's jobs. If there aren't enough jobs now for EVERYONE today, what makes you think there will be in the future? Because even without the "immigrants" from Mexico, there weren't enough jobs for everyone anyway.

Why do I bother?

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm starting to question why I even bother writing if nobody ever comments (or rarely), even though I try to for the people whose blogs I read. If no one does, how to I know if anyone is reading?

Sunday, March 9

Pictures of all 22 cats

You've read about our cats, now you get to meet them all, maybe for the last time. Unless of course you keep coming back to this page. *grin* I don't know exactly how this will look, since I'm pasting it as it looks in our web page that only we can see on our computer, so forgive me if it doesn't look good to you.

These are all 22 cats that we have to find homes for

















Ruth (gone)

Creature (gone)

Kilala (gone)




Thursday, March 6

Ron Paul yard sign

I finally put up the Ron Paul sign thought I bought a few weeks ago. Why did I wait? Because I started thinking that because we're SO rural, there wouldn't be enough people seeing it to make any difference. Today I decided I have to at least TRY.

Vote for Ron Paul in the 08 Presidential election

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Bye-bye kitties. Net Neutrality. Wal-Mart/Chinese military. Spying on Americans

We were able to get out yesterday, finally. Actually, we were only stuck home for one day because of snow in the driveway. Because the sun was out the day before which melted most of the snow/ice, and then again yesterday in which the sun melted even more of the driveway cover. Anyway, we had rescheduled Tuesday's appointment at the animal shelter for Wednesday, and we arrived there shortly after their scheduled opening time (noon), only to have to wait for an hour for the "manager" to show-up. Once she did though, we took the crate with the three cats (Ruth, Kilala, Creature) in it, in. Then we ran the rest of our errands (bank, gas, lunch, grocery store). By the time we finally arrived back home after 4 p.m., there was a message on our answering machine from the shelter saying that Ruth and Kilala had already been adopted, and that Creature might be going to the same family. That would be cool. We plan on calling them back today to thank them for letting us know, and to find out if Creature was taken as well.

Today the weather is cold (low 40's F*). Ordinarily that wouldn't be all that cold, but it's overcast and a little breezy. That being said, I've got a lot of clothes in the washing machine that will have to be hung out in a little while. I considered not doing laundry because of the cold, but decided since I had only one pair of socks (not even good ones) in my dresser drawer, that I should get at least one load done.

The dishwasher has been ran and the litter boxes cleaned. I've already read all the email that came into my folders. So now I'm blogging. Watched a video on Net Neutrality, another one on how "we" are funding the Chinese military by shopping at Wal-Mart, and one other one about how Americans are being monitored via illegal wire taps and email snooping.

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Tuesday, March 4

Seperate pictures

These are the individual pictures that made-up the two-picture in my previous post .

March snow

As you can see, the weather people were spot on. We've got about 4 inches of snow melting all over our place. Rain and I had an appointment to take the 3 cats to the shelter in the next county today, but we're going to hope for enough snow melting that we can get out of our driveway tomorrow. Rain and I have walked up and down the driveway in the tire tracks to hopefully speed-up that process. If not, we'll try again when we can. Meanwhile, the paved road is just wet and drying nicely, just can't get there, and our driveway is only about 50 yards (never measured) long. LOL. Vans just don't do well in the snow, at least ours doesn't.

Saturday, March 1

MO weather. The chosen cats. Eudora/Penelope email

Really not a lot to say. The weather for the last couple of days has been very spring-like (temps in the 50's and 60's, sunny, and only slightly breezy), not too breezy to burn trash or hang laundry on the clothesline though. It was interesting yesterday that the clothes I hung out were dry within a few hours, as opposed to 2 or 3 days it had been for the last couple of weeks.

We have chosen the first 3 cats to take to the shelter on Tuesday or Wednesday (really depends on how much snow we get next week). Kilala because he pees on the carpet too much and we're tired of putting Borax down to absorb it. Ruth will also be going because of his persistent scratching at the bedroom door in the middle of the night to get someone up so keep him company or let him outside, only to have his banging on the storm door to be let back in 15 minutes later. And he won't give-up until someone lets him back in. He once, last week I think, pawed the door for an hour non-stop until my wife got up (luckily for me I didn't hear it. he-he-he). Also in the first trip we'll be taking Creature because she too pees on the carpet and sometimes on the counter. She's a sweetheart and cute as hell, but we're tired of her not only peeing (only sometimes) on the counter and floor, but also getting into the cabinets. We've had to put rubber band on the cabinet handles to keep her from opening them.

The weather for the last couple of days has be absolutely gorgeous! Highs in the 50's and 60's (Fahrenheit). Today we need to get some more wood into the woodshed so we'll have some when it cools off next week and rains, sleets, and snows as forecast.

I've switched to the now free version of Eudora/Penelope, the project of Eudora and Mozilla to combine the best parts of Eudora with the best parts of Thunderbird. The reason I've switched is because there is a feature that allows you to highlight the text in an email, click reply, and only the highlighted text will be in the reply message.

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