Friday, January 27

Settling in

Despite everything that's happened since Dec. 21, 2011, we seem to be pretty much settled in to our new place/city/whatever. All the services (food stamps, Medicaid, Chip for the 16 year old) that we can apply for have been applied for.

Now we just need to find out what there is to do around here, during the daylight hours, that's either free or very inexpensive, and teenager friendly. We went to the LBJ library last week and checked out the exact replica of the Whitehouse. I thought it was alright, 16 year old son seemed pretty bored. Can't *really* say I don't understand. I've never been all that interested in things political either. I just thought it was something to do, and it was. We've been to a couple of parks. One where the kids could use their roller-blades. One with a gazebo at the end of a short walkway that looks over the large pool in the middle of the "river". I put that in quotes because that place looks more like a lake to me, but according to my researcher daughter, it's actually just a wide spot in the river. Shrug.

We now have Texas license plates on the car. Yippee! lol. All we have to do "officially" now is... I have to get a TX driver's license. 19 y.o DD wants to get a TX i.d. Does anyone from Texas, or someone who lives here, know if someone who needs bifocals but only has reading glasses, can take the eye exam at the license bureau wearing the reading glasses? Any input will be greatly appreciated.

School. Current grade percentage in Web Scripting = 98%. Percentage in Rhetoric In Contemporary Culture = 98%.

Later, y'all!

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Friday, January 20


This woman was the absolute best thing in my otherwise ordinary life. She made it fun, exciting and beautiful, just like her. I will never forget her. We will meet again one day! Count on it!

Thursday, January 19

Renee' has passed away :-(

Just came from the hospice where Rain (Renee') was moved to yesterday from the hospital. She appeared to be a lot more comfortable there, they even had several pillows under her for added comfort. The words from the hospice nurses is that she will most likely pass away there. At least she's more relaxed now.

In fact she's even more relaxed than ever. Renee' passed away peacefully at 3:35 pm on January 19,2012

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Friday, January 13

While we there, she opened her eyes 3 times, 1time after the morphine.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

She said that was AFTER life support was removed.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Rain's vitals were good all day today. The tech told us she had awakened after 3 weeks. Dare I hope?

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Wednesday, January 11

A lot of Museum pictures

Some pictures I took on the day we visited the museum in Austin, TX. Click em to enlarge em. (actual sizes are 640 pixels wide X varying heights)

I think this is some kind of old eel

A sea creature that's really old.

An HIV virus

Human DNA

This is a tetradactyl


Yes, I love Tetradactyls

Angelica looking at bones

Pretty rocks.

More pretty rocks


I can't remember what this is called

Read the sign for more info

Looking from the floor above

Is this an Eel?

I have more, but they are from when we were outside the museum.

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Tuesday, January 10

A little more about Renee and us

There has really been no changes since she was moved from the ICU into a private room once life-support was discontinued. She's being given Ativan when it appears she's having seizures (twitching, restlessness, moving of her head from side-to-side, etc). She's also being given Morphine if she appears to be in pain (wrinkling of her forehead and obvious discomfort, etc). As of right now she no longer has a feeding tube and is not being given water to hydrate her. All she gets now is the aforementioned medicines and enough oxygen to keep her breathing from being labored. We (Angelica & I) go and visit her every day, but usually don't stay more than about 15 minutes because Renee' is usually sleeping (can tell because she snores). So we talk to her. We tell her we love her, miss her, and a little about our day. Sadly, I don't think she knows we're even there most of the time. She's still in a coma, still unresponsive to anyone. It's heartbreaking, to be honest. She has hospice workers that visit her every day as well. They just make sure she is being kept comfortable and if not they recommend more medicine or whatever. If she's still alive when a room at the actual Hospice Facility opens up, she'll be moved there for her final days on earth.

Meanwhile, we're getting the apartment slowly but surely turned into a home. All we really need-need is some real beds to replace the air-mattresses. Dressers would be nice, but the shelves in the bedroom closets are sufficient until we get them. There is a laundry facility on the apartment grounds, so we don't *need* a washer and dryer. Although a hospice' social worker said she'd see if she could get us one, she can't find any that anyone would deliver. That's not that important though. She did get a few extra blankets to us, that had been donated, as well as some bathroom towels.

School continues for me. I'm only one assignment behind in one of my two classes. Let me tell you though, I'm having a really hard time staying motivated to do the homework. Then I remind myself that Renee (aka: Rain) would want me to keep going. One of the reasons she chose Austin, Texas for her family is because it's high-techy, which bodes well for a person with an AAS degree in Web Design Technology. That'll be me in a little over a year (I'm 7 months into a 2-year degree). That's all I've got.

I just try to see the 'rays of sunshine' every day, and try not to think to much about 'what could've been' now that the love of my life is moving on. That in and of itself is the story of my life. Sad, but true.

Take care,


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Wednesday, January 4

Our Austin

Was getting ready to run some errands and saw this desk by the apartment' dumpster.

Front of desk

Back of desk

Side and top

This is me sitting in a chair behind the desk

A living room chair being used as a desk chair.


This is a used sofa that my big sister bought for the kids and I.

Sofa my sister bought for our apartment before she leaves.


A chair my sister also bought for our apartment.

A chair sis bought for us


A TV that I bought, sitting on a table that my big sister bought


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