Friday, January 13

Rain's vitals were good all day today. The tech told us she had awakened after 3 weeks. Dare I hope?

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Caz said...

You always ALWAYS dare to hope Todd. When we were playing the same waiting game with my son my family tried to suggest that I needed to prepare for him not to wake up, and started talking DNR. I, in NO uncertain terms told them to get 'effed that he was going to get every single minute he needed to try to recover.

Hang in there.

Todd said...

The thing is, is that the doctors told me, her brother, and her mother that the brain damage is so severe that even if she did wake up, she'd very likely be in a vegetative state and would not be able to take care of herself.

I asked the hospice worker that visited her today to put a note in her file and tell the nurse(s) that I'd like a doctor to call me so I can ask how they really know how much brain damage there is.