Thursday, November 20


Well, I was scrolling through Facebook posts and decided that I’d rather be doing something else. Thought, “I haven’t written a blog post in a while, I’ll do that.” Here it is.
          I have not been up to anything that would change the world. Though I suppose just existing and doing anything could change it for someone (or me if something unexpected occurred). Because you never know, things sometimes just happen. There in-lays an issue that I have… that something important has to occur for life to be exciting or fun. Why does life *have* to be exciting or fun or? Good question. One thing I also worry about is that my son has a ‘good’ life, that I am responsible for providing fun things for him, which I often think I’m failing at doing. There’s this underlying current in me that thinks that I am not all that interesting because nothing news worthy ever happens. Then again, would I want things like that to happen? I guess that depends on what I consider “news worthy”, huh? I guess when I think of things that may be like that that I think of what might make it onto a newscast on any type of media. I was going to say ‘TV or Radio’, but then it occurred to me that there are magazines, the Internet, newspapers, people talking, etc. So there’s really no way to know for certain who would think something worth letting into their life. Plus, the people who broadcast ‘whatever’ are basing ‘it’ on what they think others may consider important or enjoyable. What I’m saying is that I need to just stop worrying/thinking about what others think, and just live life without the burden of pleasing somebody else. A people pleaser I am, and always have been. *sigh*
          Well, I did get the application to become a volunteer at/for a hospice filled out and mailed in. I don’t know exactly what they’ll ask me to do. It could be just visiting with people who ordinarily don’t get very many visitors, or playing board games and stuff like that, for an hour a couple of times a week. If my application is approved I’ll have to do some sort of training, at which time my activities will be talked about. I’m kind of nervous. Never done anything like this. I may have to spend time with people who’re sick, dying, mentally or physically disabled. The important thing is that I’ll be helping other people deal with life/death/whatever. It should be interesting.

Tuesday, November 11

Just babbling

Yeah, I know that I don’t need to use a 16pt font when writing, but it does make it easier to read. I have just realized that I don’t have my glasses on. See, the thing is is that with one eye being near 20/20 (can’t actually remember it’s #’s) and the other one being much worse, just bad enough to where I can’t read anything close but can see fair even without glasses, I sometimes wear them and sometimes I don’t.
          Today, according to me anyway, it is cold. It’s 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside and windy, a cold wind. I’m not sure what the low was this morning. I think in the 30’s. And that means it dropped to about 60 in the house. I did remember to turn on the oil filled living room heater, but I only put it on low heat and had set the thermostat to keep it where it was when I went to bed (70), but as it was on low and the thermostat was pretty low too, it did not keep the room at 70. Anyway, it’s been 65 in here for several hours now and I cannot seem to feel warm, although I’ve got on my hoody and winter coat. I had set my bedroom heater at about the same heating capabilities, but since I have 2 blankets on the bed I didn’t get cold. I just looked at the thermometer on the living room wall and it’s up to 67, only a couple of degrees more than it has been but I do feel a smidge warmer. Of course it could also be that I’m drinking hot tea. If I could type with gloves on I’d be wearing them.
          Since I’m tired of watching television, or I was when I came to the computer, I have chosen to write. As you can see, it’s not about anything specific, just babbling. I’ve been trying to read post on my MS support site that I mentioned in my last post, but my connection is on again/off again and I can't read more than a couple of posts before it’s gone. Honestly don’t know why it (the connection) is so very flaky.

Sunday, November 9

Just another day like all the rest

So Got access to the computer so that I could get on myMSteam, read a few posts, and maybe update people as to what kind of day I’m having or had. Unfortunately, we don’t have an Internet connection at the moment, so it’s a good time to write in my journal. It may even turn into a blog post. And looky there, we now have a connection, which means that I can go to the aforementioned site or any other site I so choose. I might as well tell you that it has been an uneventful day. Just watched a few movies on the ‘Escape’ channel, which is 62.4 here. Also flipped to channel 15.1 every so often (on commercials). The CW, here. We usually get a few other channels, but today they weren’t coming in for some reason. It’s really no big deal as 2 of them are Spanish channels, one is a military channel, one is a PBS channel, and one is the Create channel. I don’t watch any of those very often, so it’s possible that I have forgotten one. Plus if there’s nothing that I feel like watching I do have several books that are ready to be read.
          Ok, it’s going to be a few minutes before I can post this to my blog, as I have lost the connection. Damnit! I have copied the previous paragraph and was ready to save it when I noticed the connection had been lost. It’s back now though so I better get this copied and pasted into my blog.

Thursday, November 6

This Thursday

OK. Although I don’t have anything I feel is all that earth shattering to say, I’ll say something anyway. *grin* “What should I say?” I said to myself. Seriously, I didn’t just think it, I said it as if I was talking to another being. It’s just that nobody answered, so I took it upon myself to think of it, and this is it. Today was an ok day. I took my son to his class that he had to be at by 9 a.m. Then on my way home I stopped and got the oil and oil filter changed in our car. Afterward I stopped by the store-pharmacy and asked them to fill a couple of ‘scripts. I asked how long it would be and was told “about 30 minutes,” Since I was hungry, I picked up a healthy soft drink and candy bar on the way out and came home for 20 minutes or so and ate said healthy food and drink. Just so you don’t think that I don’t eat ‘real’ food, you should know that after I returned to the pharmacy, picked-up my ‘scripts, and returned home, that I did eat. A bologna sandwich! J Went and picked my son up when the time came. On the way home we stopped and got a new window mini-blind for his bedroom window. Then we stopped at the grocery store to see if they had washers for a kitchen faucet, which they did not. So I bought us each a soda and candy bar. We then went to the hardware store and found the kitchen faucet washers, but unfortunately I did not know what kind to get as I thought they’d just have a package with all different types, they didn’t, so we can home. I need to take one of the faucet handles off and see exactly what kind of washers I need. Meanwhile, I looked at a couple of emails, responded to them, and now I’m writing this post. After I finish writing it, get it posted, then I suppose I’ll wake-up my son from his nap and have him help me install his mini blinds, which apparently he doesn’t want to do himself, hence taking a nap in the living room while I’m on the computer. *sigh*