Tuesday, November 11

Just babbling

Yeah, I know that I don’t need to use a 16pt font when writing, but it does make it easier to read. I have just realized that I don’t have my glasses on. See, the thing is is that with one eye being near 20/20 (can’t actually remember it’s #’s) and the other one being much worse, just bad enough to where I can’t read anything close but can see fair even without glasses, I sometimes wear them and sometimes I don’t.
          Today, according to me anyway, it is cold. It’s 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside and windy, a cold wind. I’m not sure what the low was this morning. I think in the 30’s. And that means it dropped to about 60 in the house. I did remember to turn on the oil filled living room heater, but I only put it on low heat and had set the thermostat to keep it where it was when I went to bed (70), but as it was on low and the thermostat was pretty low too, it did not keep the room at 70. Anyway, it’s been 65 in here for several hours now and I cannot seem to feel warm, although I’ve got on my hoody and winter coat. I had set my bedroom heater at about the same heating capabilities, but since I have 2 blankets on the bed I didn’t get cold. I just looked at the thermometer on the living room wall and it’s up to 67, only a couple of degrees more than it has been but I do feel a smidge warmer. Of course it could also be that I’m drinking hot tea. If I could type with gloves on I’d be wearing them.
          Since I’m tired of watching television, or I was when I came to the computer, I have chosen to write. As you can see, it’s not about anything specific, just babbling. I’ve been trying to read post on my MS support site that I mentioned in my last post, but my connection is on again/off again and I can't read more than a couple of posts before it’s gone. Honestly don’t know why it (the connection) is so very flaky.


They are not aware said...

I have given thought to your comment about typing with gloves on. You *can* do it, depending on the glove. I am doing it now and have been for years since I keep my 'puter in our so-called den, a very cold room in the winter. It doesn't bother the 'puter, electronics like cold, my hands don't agree. So, I have an idea. I am wishing you an early Happy Birthday. You will understand in a couple days.

Todd said...

well I've never typed with gloves on, never even tried it. So I'll have to take your word for it that it's possible. thank you for the early happy birthday wish, now you've got me curious as to what I actually have to wait for.