Tuesday, September 26

To Eat or Not to eat

So far, so good, y'all. Getting twinges in my cheek, but no pain at the moment. I'm drinking water without a problem, something I was having problems with last evening (when I went to swallow and touched the roof of my mouth with my tongue). I should probably try and eat something, as I've only had 3 scrambled eggs since yesterday afternoon. But I had so much trouble eating them. Every time I took a bite the pain would kick in (like when the food touched the top of my mouth, my whole mouth would hurt/buzz), so it took me a long time to eat. And now I'm a nervous to try and eat, though I know I should (that whole survival thing. lol). Anyway, that's the latest for me. It's pouring rain at the moment, though it sounds like it has let up a little.

Monday, September 11

Tomorrow dental visit

Monday, September 11, 2017
5:31 PM

The good news is that I get to see NFL football on my TV tonight, but the bad news is that I’m not feeling so jovial today, and I don’t exactly know why. I have a couple of theories. One that I just thought of a few minutes ago is that it’s because I drank 3 Mike’s Hard Lemonades last night and I’m feeling the aftereffects. My 2nd theory is it’s because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning and that is somehow affecting my mood, subconsciously. I say it’s subconscious because going to the dentist has never been an emotional issue for me. It might be this time only because my mouth has been bothering for the last few weeks (off and on) and I’m a little concerned it’ll bother me while I have dental tools in my mouth. Although, I was worried about the exact same thing the last time I was at the dentist’s office and I didn’t. So, I don’t know. It must be a normal thing, if you’re having pain prior to going where there could potentially be more. There could be a silver lining though, IF the procedure done by the dentist stops the pain I’m feeling now to stop happening. On the other hand, there’s a possibility that it’s not my teeth, gums or lip sensitivity causing the pain, but Trigeminal Neuralgia. If it is the last, the good news is that there is pain medication to help, as well as figuring out which foods and/or drinks to eliminate from my diet. At least I would know what was/is going on.

Saturday, September 9

Itches, dizziness and a shirt

Saturday, September 09, 2017
5:02 PM

I’ve had a pretty good day. I enjoyed an hour of chat with a few MSers for about an hour this morning. We all talked about food towards the end, so of course after everyone (and me) had all signed out, I went to the kitchen and put a frozen pizza in the over for my son and I. My son cut it into slices as I handed him a couple of plates. Then I took my plate into the living room and ate while I watched “Lost.” He took his plate into his room and did whatever he does on his computer.

After we were done eating, we drove to the grocery store for a few things; most specifically, caffeine free coffee, because of my recent TN pain. Before leaving, I chewed a half pill of generic tegretol, hoping to stop/lesson the damn pings of pain, which it did, a *little*. I also noticed on the way out the front door that I had some weird itching from my stomach to my arms. I don’t know if that was caused by the ½ pill that I chewed, or the frozen pizza I ate. Then when I got out of the car to wobble into the store, I noticed that my legs were weak and I felt dizzy. In the past I had both issues from too much generic tegretol when I was on a higher nighttime dose, so that’s my 1st guess.

I checked the mail when we got home and yay, one of the shirts that I ordered had arrived.

How has your day been?

Thursday, September 7

Lower-left jaw discomfort

Thursday, September 07, 2017
5:39 PM
I got up this morning around 10:30 because I just couldn’t sleep. No idea why I’ve woken up 2 days in a row before noon. Anyway, this morning I was having a lot of lower jaw discomfort. Not totally sure if it’s being caused by cavities on the left side or by my lips being sensitive (caused by the TN). I’ve been drinking more than usual caffeine the last few days, which MAY intensify TN pain in some people, so I am going to take a couple of days off of that by not drinking any caffeine, and see if that makes it easier to eat & drink liquid. If it does, then it’s the TN, if it doesn’t, then it’s the cavities, which will hopefully be helped during the Tuesday dental visit.

Thursday, August 24

Waking and Walking

Thursday, August 24, 2017
2:47 PM

I was having such a relaxing dream, so much so that I didn’t realize how late it was. Eh, that’s OK though. Went out to the living room to put my shoes on (and I did) so that I could do the ‘first thing walk around the house’ to see if I felt awake quicker after getting out of bed. But before the walk, I decided to check my phone to see what those annoying missed calls were earlier, and while I was at it, see if there were any emails from friends and/or family. The phone calls weren’t from anyone I had in my contacts, so they were added to the ‘reject call list.’ Next were the emails. There were a couple emails from friends, so I read those. Then I took my walk around the house; just me and my cane. Walked in through the front door, then decided that I might as well walk to the mail box – got nothing. Came in, called a friend, and decided to write, and here I am. Wait… before this, I started some coffee brewing. Ok, now I’m writing. You more than likely noticed. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my neurologist. I think it’s to talk about putting me on a new-to-me MS medication. The reason is because he feels that I’m getting worse on the one I’ve been on, because I was using my rollator the last few times I went to see him. However, since reducing the amount of medicine I was taking for the TN, my balance is better and don’t need the rollator; just the cane. So we’ll discuss that.

Wednesday, August 23

Fonts and Caffeine

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
12:52 PM

Does it *really* matter what font I use when writing in my journal? It doesn’t to me personally, but if I end up sharing my prose on social media (gosh, I just don’t like that name. Just sounds so hoity-toity to me); anyway, I usually choose “Arial” as the font because I read that it’s one of the easiest to read on-line, and I’m a people pleaser.

The first thing I did this morning was go to the convenience store and buy myself a cup of French vanilla flavored cappuccino. Even got my son to go with me, knowing that he likes to get himself those icy drinks (slushies?). I did it because I wake-up quicker if I leave the house. I wonder if I just grabbed my cane and walked around the house would do the same. That would obviously save some money. Hmm…I feel an experiment coming on. Speaking of experiments, it just might be time to cut back or even stop drinking caffeine to see if my lips will stop zinging me.