Monday, June 24


Felt like I had to do something yesterday afternoon, and since I had been wanting to go to this specific park for a couple of weeks, I finally stopped procrastinating and just did it. For a few minutes I played with my new video thingy.
Right now I'm just sitting here listening to music while I wait for the video to finish uploading. 
Since I've felt that I should (although I hate that word) write a post of nothing consequential. LOL
I went and laid by the pool for a little while the other day. Hadn't done that in forever! I don't think I fell completely asleep, or if I did it was only for a few minutes. Anyway, that was alright except for a few younger kids who felt the need to scream everything they said, and every emotion they felt. LOL. Was kind of annoying after a while. Anyway, other than that, I had a nice, relaxing time.
Today I decided I was going to do a few exercises at the apartment's equipment facility. I even got my son, who doesn't go out in public very often, to go with me. Unfortunately today was the day that they decided to close it for maintenance. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, June 2

Writing with technology

You know, I'm in a kind of geeky mood. I thought I would just write a text. But not really write. Because what is one writing really? It's basically just putting thoughts to paper. But instead we talk to our phones & and it gets written on line on what looks like a blank sheet of paper. This saves you the trouble of having your writing hand get In the other hand, one could say I'm using this technology just to be lazy. I really don't think so. I don't really see it that way though. I see it more as giving my various muscle group some rest. I use. them for many other things as well. this blog entry has been brought to you by via a cell phone

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