Saturday, September 19

Yard=-n-bak video

A very short video with me carrying the camera, making a video showing my smooth (NOT) walking skills.


Out venturing

Went to a park today hoping to see some live music for free, but only saw that there was a little league football game happening. Nothing wrong with those, if your kid is playing in it or you know someone whose kid is playing. But, since it was neither of those things for my son or I, we left disappointed. Since there was something that I knew we needed from the grocery store, we stopped there on the way home. Just now, when I was writing about that, I remembered what that thing was, that we *forgot*. Dammit! Well, if I get a headache, I won't forgot why I'm going back to the store. While standing in the checkout line I overheard the checker ask the customers in front of me if they were going to the concerts, so of course I asked where, and he told me it was at Haley park where the amphitheater is. Makes total sense, because that where the last free concert was. When asked what time the concerts were, he told me, "All day, and one that will start at 7 tonight." Being as I am tired just walking to/from the parking lot at the wrong park to see the football game we were uninterested in, and then around the store to get a few things, I doubt we'll go to the free concert tonight. Of course it's not out of the realm of possibility, just highly unlikely. And it's not really because of being tired, it's more because I'm starting to fucking hate limping around with a brace on my ankle-foot and  it makes me tired quickly doing so! After watching a friend's video on YouTube, I even had my video camera with me. Not only was there not music there, it started sprinkling rain on the way back to the car. On the last leg of our outing, I asked my son if he wanted to go to the park and watch a concert and he said he'd take a pass. So, now we're home, the oven is pre-heating and we'll be having pizza in about a half an hour.