Saturday, March 30

Happy Saturday

Good morning. It is another overcast day in Austin. At least it is not cold, right? What are your plans for the weekend?

Monday, March 25

Phone blogging

I am not going to write a long post. I just wanted to see if I could indeed write using my hand-held device known as as a cell phone. :)

I am ready for my 2nd date with Molly, whom I played pool with last Monday for 5 hours. That's good for a first date right?


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Monday, March 11

Faire and shower

Yesterday my daughter and I went to checkout the fair that's happening in Austin right now. We had a pretty good time, though the parking was kind of expensive ($10), and we had to walk a little bit because I forgot to hang my handicap placard up. Had a good time though. Looked at a bunch of rides that even if I could afford to ride, I probably wouldn't because spinning makes me extremely nauseous. I don't know if that's just because I'm older or because of my having MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Probably some of both. As we were walking around I realized I had $10 cash in my pockets, so I asked DD what she would ride if she could choose only one for the day, and she chose the one below. I cannot remember the name of it, but I rode it with her. Luckily, I didn't get sick, though I was a little nauseous during and after for a little bit. Not long though. Thank goodness.
The below picture is of a ride that was there but that we didn't ride. It was before I realized I could afford the one ride (above) and was thinking that I should take at least one while there. My dear daughter is going to help pay to take her brother, her room mate, herself, and me back to the fair this coming Saturday and get us all an "all ride" wristband.
This is my new shower head. I took a shower yesterday to make sure it was worth the money I spent on it. The verdict is... yes, it was worth it. Works great, feels great!
Then yesterday I finally installed this pole with shelves in the shower/bathroom. It was a pain and took a few days because I had to cut the pole so it was short enough to fit. What made it difficult is that I didn't have a vice to hold the rod while I used a hacksaw to cut it. But I did, and here/there it is.
And that's all I've got to say about yesterday!

Wednesday, March 6


Just a little bit ago, I rode an exercise bike for 32 minutes. Unfortunately the pictures I thought that I posted to  Facebook didn't show-up there. Also unfortunately, I deleted the pictures I took but apparently didn't send, so I can't re post them from my computer. I have decided though, while peddling, that it's (exercise bike riding) going to be an every day thing to hopefully boost my spirits, not to mention raising my adrenaline level.

Tuesday, March 5


          Someone told me today that what I need is to find something that I'm passionate about doing and do that. The problem is that at 48 I don't really have anything that I know of that is THAT fun for me to do that I just can't do it enough. All the way up to high school it was playing basketball, but ever since MS reared it's ugly head, pretty much all I can do is shoot baskets because I literally can't run, jog, or even walk fast enough to actually play in a game. Basically I've just learned to keep myself busy doing whatever I can, to get me through the days. I am going to look for somewhere to volunteer - like maybe a YMCA or something like that. Other than that I really don't know. Sadly, at 48 years of age I don't see life being all that fulfilling for the next 20 or 30 years, but things could change unexpectedly, then I just have to hope I have the energy to enjoy it.

Monday, March 4

Fleas and a movie

            I got up off of the sofa I was sitting on watching a movie - Ghost Rider on FX - and found that my mood had lifted from "blah" to "just do something", so I did. I hung up the towels from the dryer, rubbed some 3 & 1 antibiotic ointment on the cat's sores that she's given herself because of fleas she's been scratching at that I haven't been able to get off of her. I don't have the money to take her to the vet for medicine, so tomorrow I gently give her a bath with anti-flea shampoo, then vacuum everything in the house... again. Wish me luck. I've not had the energy to bathe her today. Hopefully tomorrow I will.

Back to the movie.

Oh yeah, and I cleaned 2 litter boxes. Yay me.

Sleeping life away

          Went to bed at midnight last nite/this morning. Got back from taking DD to work at 4 a.m. Went to bed again a little after 4 a.m and didn't get out of bed again until 2 this afternoon when DD sent me a text message. Such is life.

          Called a prescription to help me with fatigue in to the pharmacy last Wednesday. Didn't have any refills left on it, but figured there would be enough time for the doctor to give me a refill before her workweek ended. Called said doctor this afternoon only to be told that she "discontinued" me on it until I see her this Friday. That's when I'm going to ask her why she won't give me refills on a medicine that I've been taking for 4 years before she became my doctor. She called in a refill last month, and the month before that, but added zero refills each time. :-( I saw her last month thinking this would be dealt with... apparently not :-(

Saturday, March 2

The most interesting thing on the web...

Okay, NOT, but made ya look. LOL
           It’s interesting for me to be a visual person in that I like fancy fonts. There is the part of me though who is aware of problems reading some fonts depending on your eyesight. So the thought, “I like this font, but it’s not just about what is pleasing to my eyes, but to others it must be at least a little pleasant to look at.
          So anyway, it was a fairly non stressful day. So much so, that I’ve been a little sleepy for over an hour now. Why is it that I feel that I “should” be out there painting the town red, but I’m just as happy (most of the time) just hanging out with the kid(s) at home?

Friday, March 1

Helpless? lol

Oh, crap! I JUST realized that I have no f*cking idea what I'm doing. LOL