Tuesday, March 5


          Someone told me today that what I need is to find something that I'm passionate about doing and do that. The problem is that at 48 I don't really have anything that I know of that is THAT fun for me to do that I just can't do it enough. All the way up to high school it was playing basketball, but ever since MS reared it's ugly head, pretty much all I can do is shoot baskets because I literally can't run, jog, or even walk fast enough to actually play in a game. Basically I've just learned to keep myself busy doing whatever I can, to get me through the days. I am going to look for somewhere to volunteer - like maybe a YMCA or something like that. Other than that I really don't know. Sadly, at 48 years of age I don't see life being all that fulfilling for the next 20 or 30 years, but things could change unexpectedly, then I just have to hope I have the energy to enjoy it.



They are not aware said...

It would be good to find a passion.
I am a bit in the same situation as you, most things I have had a thing for are no longer feasible or possible.
There is bound to be something for each of us though, just got to stay pen to the possibilities.

Todd said...

You are absolutely right. People keep suggesting things for me to do, but that's not the problem because I'm always busy, just tired of doing things without having that special someone to share my deep thoughts with. Know what I mean?