Friday, August 24

Group people

As you know, "they" say that people need people, that we are as a species, social creatures. I guess we do better overall when we interact with others on a regular basis. It's just that I'm beginning to think that I personally am not a group person. Whenever I'm in a group of people, I tend to be the one watching and listening from the outside, not really saying much unless someone talks directly to me. It just the way I've been my entire life, and as much as we're told that we need people, I don't think I need groups of them. One or two friends hanging out and shooting the breeze is great though. I think I might try another meetup group that is more tailored to the over 40 and single people. I will probably maintain my memberships with the 2 *groups I'm currently signed up with, but I think it would be good for me to slow down on the number of events that I attend. I'm thinking it would be good to go to things that we actually do something like bowling, and maybe dancing once in a while. I truly suck at dancing. My MS really screws with my balance and my feet won't seem to 'step' like they're supposed to. Either that or I'm so out of practice and self conscious that it just feels like I can't do it.

I'm just feeling a bit unsure of what I'm doing right now. Thanks for reading.

* Austin Social Club and Boomertime

Saturday, August 18

Not out tonight

I was thinking about going out tonight. That was about 5 this afternoon. However, since I attempted to go out last week between 5:30 and 6 pm to a place downtown, having got there during rush-hour traffic, not being able to find parking, and getting thoroughly frustrated with drivers who wouldn't let me change lanes to turn on the streets my GPS said I needed to, then being stuck in constant traffic for 45 minutes just trying to get home again, I decided that tonight I should wait until after 7 pm to leave. However, the place I was thinking of going to (Alamo Drafthouse and cinema) always has a very long line to get in. The online reviews all said that if you want to get in without standing in a stupidly long line, you should get there early. Well, that was around 7 pm. Since I wasn't even sure how to get there, or where to park if I found it, I decided not to go out tonight. Instead I looked-up single's groups on for people in their 40's or older. I think meeting people in person at events the group enjoys will be better for meeting people. I joined a group and will try and get to one of their meet-ups soon.

Tuesday, August 7

Changing States

I was just thinking about when I've moved to different states during my lifetime so far, and it seems the "new" states do not welcome me very much. Prior to the age of 11 I was happy living in the country mountains of Colorado but suddenly (at 11), without warning, my family (minus my dad) moved to the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I had friends in Conifer, Colorado; left them behind. Within the first year, maybe early in the 2nd (it's been a while) my 3-speed bike and skateboard were stolen, and I was mugged riding my bike to downtown. Fast forward 16 years and I meet, marry the love of my life, and get two wonderful children. We live once again outside a small town, in the country. I was happy, but, 5 years later we move to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Within the 1st year my son's tricycle got stolen from our driveway. Later that same year, Christmas Eve to be exact, the house we were renting was broken into and we lost some things; a VCR, a Nintendo 64, some of my wife's jewelry, and worst of all my kid's lost their trust of people. 2 years later we moved to Missouri. On the way there we stopped in Tulsa, Oklahoma where my wife forgot her purse at a McDonald's and it was stolen. It contained all of the money orders we had to use for gas and moving money. But we made it to Missouri where I thought we lived happily for the next 11 years in rural MO (the country). Not happy enough though, because in 2011 we decide to move to Austin, Texas. Less than a month later my wife had a heart attack (Dec. 21; Winter Solstice), then a month after that she passed away.  WTF?

And people wonder why I don't like moving to different states? Hmm... I wonder! It seems that every time I move from the country to a city, life there does not start well, to say the least.