Tuesday, August 7

Changing States

I was just thinking about when I've moved to different states during my lifetime so far, and it seems the "new" states do not welcome me very much. Prior to the age of 11 I was happy living in the country mountains of Colorado but suddenly (at 11), without warning, my family (minus my dad) moved to the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I had friends in Conifer, Colorado; left them behind. Within the first year, maybe early in the 2nd (it's been a while) my 3-speed bike and skateboard were stolen, and I was mugged riding my bike to downtown. Fast forward 16 years and I meet, marry the love of my life, and get two wonderful children. We live once again outside a small town, in the country. I was happy, but, 5 years later we move to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Within the 1st year my son's tricycle got stolen from our driveway. Later that same year, Christmas Eve to be exact, the house we were renting was broken into and we lost some things; a VCR, a Nintendo 64, some of my wife's jewelry, and worst of all my kid's lost their trust of people. 2 years later we moved to Missouri. On the way there we stopped in Tulsa, Oklahoma where my wife forgot her purse at a McDonald's and it was stolen. It contained all of the money orders we had to use for gas and moving money. But we made it to Missouri where I thought we lived happily for the next 11 years in rural MO (the country). Not happy enough though, because in 2011 we decide to move to Austin, Texas. Less than a month later my wife had a heart attack (Dec. 21; Winter Solstice), then a month after that she passed away.  WTF?

And people wonder why I don't like moving to different states? Hmm... I wonder! It seems that every time I move from the country to a city, life there does not start well, to say the least.



They are not aware said...

Cities and citiots* suck big, green, dead ones.
Dang Todd, one would think that you would have resisted this last move a little more with that history.
Every once in a while I think it would be nice to have a few less homestead responsibilities and think about moving to a city. Then I recall city living and realize I would be so miserable within the first few days. The whole episode lasts less than ten seconds. Even a small town would be a bit too much for me anymore but way better than any city--and I never had your bad luck with them.

*citiots = city + idiots

Lee said...

I think change is always hard but those are really hard changes. I remember when we moved when my dad got his first teaching job in Western MA and it was a hard move. My mom had money stolen from her purse by the movers, my sister got sick and something big went wrong w/ the houe right off. Oh and in the first month or so my mom needed major surgery. As I think back most of the other moves had some crappy stuff too--never noticed that before!! You are insightful. :-)

Todd said...

Tana: I've wanted to move back to the country since I was 11. For 5 yrs in Colo. and 11 in MO, I loved the country. BUT Rain just felt too isolated and bored if she lived in the country for more than 5 years. *sigh* I knew what a citiot was. Lots of them here, the drivers and pedestrians anyway. Crossing at lights/crosswalks be damned!

Lee: I try to notice odd/traumatic things, when, and how often. Don't know how insightful/smart I am since the same happens every damn time.