Thursday, August 24

Waking and Walking

Thursday, August 24, 2017
2:47 PM

I was having such a relaxing dream, so much so that I didn’t realize how late it was. Eh, that’s OK though. Went out to the living room to put my shoes on (and I did) so that I could do the ‘first thing walk around the house’ to see if I felt awake quicker after getting out of bed. But before the walk, I decided to check my phone to see what those annoying missed calls were earlier, and while I was at it, see if there were any emails from friends and/or family. The phone calls weren’t from anyone I had in my contacts, so they were added to the ‘reject call list.’ Next were the emails. There were a couple emails from friends, so I read those. Then I took my walk around the house; just me and my cane. Walked in through the front door, then decided that I might as well walk to the mail box – got nothing. Came in, called a friend, and decided to write, and here I am. Wait… before this, I started some coffee brewing. Ok, now I’m writing. You more than likely noticed. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my neurologist. I think it’s to talk about putting me on a new-to-me MS medication. The reason is because he feels that I’m getting worse on the one I’ve been on, because I was using my rollator the last few times I went to see him. However, since reducing the amount of medicine I was taking for the TN, my balance is better and don’t need the rollator; just the cane. So we’ll discuss that.

Wednesday, August 23

Fonts and Caffeine

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
12:52 PM

Does it *really* matter what font I use when writing in my journal? It doesn’t to me personally, but if I end up sharing my prose on social media (gosh, I just don’t like that name. Just sounds so hoity-toity to me); anyway, I usually choose “Arial” as the font because I read that it’s one of the easiest to read on-line, and I’m a people pleaser.

The first thing I did this morning was go to the convenience store and buy myself a cup of French vanilla flavored cappuccino. Even got my son to go with me, knowing that he likes to get himself those icy drinks (slushies?). I did it because I wake-up quicker if I leave the house. I wonder if I just grabbed my cane and walked around the house would do the same. That would obviously save some money. Hmm…I feel an experiment coming on. Speaking of experiments, it just might be time to cut back or even stop drinking caffeine to see if my lips will stop zinging me.

Wednesday, August 16

Getting it done

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 4:32 PM
                        Got up and started with the thing I’ve been thinking of doing for a while now – getting the modem and router to get a wireless connection, off of the floor (attached to the wall). Got that done, then had no internet connection to the Roku stick or my computer. I kept unplugging and restarting the modem and router to no avail. Switching the cords into different ports on said devices, again to no avail. I was frustrated. Hadn’t even had any coffee, though it was made and waiting for me to drink, but I was on a mission. After sitting on the couch to rest and think, I tried plugging cords into different ports and got them correct, FINALLY,  therefore I was up and running on the TV and Internet. Then I had some coffee!
                        I cooked a frozen pizza for my son and I since my mission was completed. I washed and cleaned-up the dishes in the kitchen, drank some coffee and watched a couple episodes of CSI Miami.
I got a little vacuuming of the floor where those devices had been sitting, done. I vacuumed around the sofa, as well as under the sofa cushions.
Got my teeth brushed and the sink wiped out too. Then some wiping of dirt/dust off the floor, along the wall, with a wash rag was done.
Computer Time!

Monday, August 14


Monday, August 14, 2017
3:49 PM
            That’s interesting; no email. It’s unusual for me to not have any when my computer is first turned on, especially after it’s been off since before midnight this morning. Oh well, I suppose it’s not the end of the world.
            For the first time in 4 or so days, I did not want to get out of bed this morning. So, I went to the restroom and went back to bed. However, I told myself that I really should get up, so only stayed in bed another 20 minutes. Then I went to the kitchen and took my daily medicines. Next was to the bathroom to shave and take a shower. After the shower, I got dressed, put on my shoes, and drove a few errands. Included during the aforementioned errands was a stop at the car wash. Pulled through the wash area and into the vacuuming area where I vacuumed out the car. Now it’s clean inside and out; well, except for the inside of the windows. From there I went to the corner store and got myself a large cappuccino (Hazelnut).
            Got home and watched a couple of TV shows while munching on some slices of summer sausage.
            Over the weekend, I found out that I have to give a speech at my daughter’s wedding. Well, I’ve never given a public speech, so I’m a little nervous.
            OK, that's enough from me. How are you doing today?

Monday, August 7


Monday, August 07, 2017 - 1:44 PM

What to write, what to write is the question of the day. I got up 30 minutes after the alarm went off. I was just so damn comfortable, more like I was just resting well. When the alarm went off it surprised the shit out of me, hence hitting the snooze alarm, which caused the alarm to ring again in 5 minutes, which I then dismissed and laid there for another 25 minutes. Surprisingly, I got out of bed at that time, despite not really feeling like doing it.

For the past week or so, shortly after getting up I have started taking my medications, so I don’t have to worry about them the rest of the day. However, there is one that my neuro suggestion that I don’t take until after I’ve eaten my evening meal, so that it will take affect not long after I’ve gone to bed.

Another thing I’ve been trying to do every day, not long after getting up, is shaving my face and neck. Not totally sure why these things have suddenly become important to me, maybe because I need more routine in my life. I don’t know. I took a shower yesterday, and I haven’t been taking one on consecutive days for a while. Not that I couldn’t, just don’t feel like it today.

Today I have already been to the grocery store, and stopped on the way home to get a cappuccino though.

Yesterday afternoon we got a nice downpour of rain, and had the cool thunder to go with it. It cooled off the evening quite nicely.