Saturday, February 28

Hoops, videos/pictures, mail, weather

Been watching college basketball since noon, and it's now a quarter after 3 in the afternoon (duh. Sorry). I must say that these games go a lot faster than NBA ones do. Then again, that could at least partly be because I've been playing on the Internet more than watching. You see, up until we went to those college games in Gunnison and watched a few live, I hadn't been keeping-up with or watching college ball for several years.
I uploaded a couple of videos to yesterday. One was with A. and M. ice skating, which was made private, and the other was the end of a half of a college basketball game that I video taped while at the game in Gunnison. It is of the home team (WSC) making 2 three point baskets right before halftime. One was at the buzzer. Now that was good timing for me! Plus I uploaded several pictures that I took while looking out the plane window on the way to and from Gunnison. I have a butt-load more pictures of the snow and other things in Gunnison, just haven't gotten around to resizing, editing, and posting them.
click to enlargeWe got a note on the porch yesterday afternoon that said we needed to sign for a 'registered' letter. No idea who it's from or why it would be registered. I'm thinking it might be from the company that'll be delivering the electric wheel chair from Colorado that my dad willed to me. Really don't know though. It said that they (post office) would try to re deliver it today or that we could pick it up at the post office. It's now 3:50 p.m and so far nobody has came to the house. I did put a laminated sign on the porch-pole outside that can be seen when someone pulls up or walks up to the porch that says we can't hear honking and to please knock on the door. Hopefully that will happen. Otherwise I guess we pick it up Monday. We think we should look into getting a driveway scanner that'll notify us when anyone drives down it.
Thursday we drove into town and it was 70 degrees Fahrenheit - just beautiful! Today (Saturday) it's in the low 40's and snowing. Started early this morning. We've only accumulated about an inch, if that. But wow, what a total reversal of weather. It is supposed to get into the 50's on Monday, so there's still hope that spring really is around the corner. I know I'm crossing MY fingers!

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Friday, February 27

Pictures from the plane

I took most of these pictures on the way to Colorado. But the night views were on the way back to Missouri.

click to enlarge

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WSC 3-pointers

Western State College players making 2 3-point baskets, one at the end of the half.

WSC ended-up winning the game by a large margin.

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Thursday, February 26

Wednesday, February 25

One of many pics (Gunnison)

pic taken in Gunnison, Colorado

Wanted to see just how big a picture could be. Will resize if I need to later. Was too big and has been downsized to 500X500 400X400 pixels. Took this picture after coming out of the Wal-Mart in Gunnison, Colorado.

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Friday, February 13

Hospitalization and Air travel



My sister called me yesterday and told me that dad had either a stroke or a heart attack, but either way, he quit breathing and they had to revive him. When he woke up he didn't recognize her. Later in the day when he woke again he did recognize her so that was improvement. However, the doctors say there is something wrong with his heart and he could go at anytime. They aren't doing anything right now except keeping him comfortable. He does have a DNR filed at the hospital should he actually die. I don't know if that prevents the hospital from operating or whatever, but I think just the fact that he has the DNR order means that he feels if it's his time, it's his time. Not sure how well mom is dealing with it, but I'm assuming it's not well. She wouldn't go to the hospital at first because she didn't want to see him die. Eventually my sister was able to get her to visit him and then she (mom) went back home. When sis called me the first time she was almost in tears or was choking them down enough to tell me the news. She asked me if I was sitting. I immediately thought something had happened to mom because I thought she was sicker than dad. I was wrong. With his weight being around 350 pounds, having diabetes, and his legs not being strong enough to support him, lung issues, he wasn't doing well before he lost consciousness, so the prognosis isn't good. He's also been having problems with falling out of bed, off chairs after falling asleep and therefore had to have an ambulance called a few times just to get him off of the floor. This was a little while ago, last month I believe. Mom really wants me to visit him before he dies, plus wants me there for her, my sister and family, but mostly for mom. Bro-in-law and sis put 2 round trip airline tickets on their credit card so that my DD and I can fly to Colorado this Sunday. It will be DD's first time flying and my first time in, gosh, over 15-20 years (maybe longer), so we're looking forward to that. Also, this will be the first time in 16 years that Rain and I have been apart for more than a 14 hours. Scary (not really). Since Rain is a little unsure of driving the van, a good friend of ours in Springfield, MO will be coming up to our place on Saturday afternoon/evening, staying the night, then taking me to the airport for a flight time of 10:15 a.m. We will of course be paying for her gas. Plus we get to visit with her and her kids, which we haven't done for quite a long time. Rain and my son will hold the fort down for about a week while we're away, so they'll both have a computer to themselves if they want.
Once again the appointment to take two more cats to the shelter on Wednesday is going to be missed for the 3rd time in a row. No biggie, it's not like they're bad cats or dangerous, they're just the next to go. Guess it will be next month then.

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Thursday, February 12

With Pics I Welcome you to Buffalo, Missouri, USA

These are pictures from our day in the big "city" of Buffalo, Missouri. We went bowling. WOOT-WOOT! LOL These were taken standing in front of the bowling alley. As always, these are NOT in their original sizes.

And that is what we rural Missourians call A WONDERFUL DAY. Hope you enjoyed your trip :)

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Wednesday, February 11

Singing in a video (not)

Yesterday afternoon or early evening my DD made a video of herself singing. Unfortunately, she didn't sing loud enough and you could barely hear her. I have been talking about doing the same thing for a couple of months but could not think of a song to sing. A few weeks ago, or longer, I tried making one upstairs using the karaoke machine. It didn't sound good at all. Then the other day I was listening to an Eric Clapton CD and thought one of those songs would be good, since I needed/wanted someone with a voice I could at least relate to to sing along with. Well, last night I chose his song with the verse "You look Wonderful tonight" in it. Well, I tried twice, and both of the versions sucked, in my opinion. I had the song playing while I had on headphones that were turned up loud so I couldn't hear my own voice, which I have never really appreciated or even liked hearing. Anyway, my attempts a few weeks ago and twice last evening have given me more respect for those who really can sing well and thus make a living doing it. It is much harder to do than I thought it would be. I just can't get over the self consciousness to really sing, as opposed to just trying to sound good enough, but not loud enough to be heard from another room. LOL. Ya know? Long story short... you get to hear me sing nothing! *snicker*

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Tuesday, February 10

Mailboxes, chicken eggs and pool





Repainted the box previously known as: "The ugliest mailbox in the county" (according to us anyway). It's the one on the right, in case you didn't already know that. *grin* The reason for the colors we chose is that most of the time we see black ones with red flags, and we can't be the same as them. Of course you probably know that if you left-click on either of them you see the larger view too. *smile*
Other than that, we drove up to the chicken-guy's and delivered some Oatmeal cookies and picked up 5.5 dozen farm-fresh eggs. Also mentioned to his son that if they (meaning anyone in their family) ever get totally bored and can't think of anything to do that we had a pool table.

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Saturday, February 7

[Update: 6-2-09] Our first homegrown, Missouri Pineapple flower

Not sure how long she's been waiting for her Pineapple plants to produce *anything*, but I believe it's been at least 2 years, if not longer. Anyway, the other day I was looking out the window and just *happened* to look down and notice something sticking out of the sprout area... YEP! I think we're going to get a fresh, Missouri grown Pineapple this year. I LOVE Pineapples! :-)



Jun 09


As always, clicking on a picture makes it grow :-)

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Thursday, February 5

Digital television deadline extended.

Hurry, hurry, hurry and get those digital televisions or those converter boxes ASAP before time runs out! But wait...

Speaking of the 18th...the original plan was that all television stations in the U.S would be switching to digital-only signals on 2-18. Heard on the news last night that congress didn't think enough people were ready, so they changed the deadline to June something, '09. In my not so humble opinion, that was just unnecessary because the people that wouldn't be ready would get ready or do without TV. I'm assuming that the government thinks too many people would opt out, not worry about it, or take their time to get the necessary equipment and the television networks would lose too much money. It's all about the bottom line...cold, hard, money!! In a sense I suppose they (stations) employ a LOT of people, so it would be better for the economy of the whole country if they didn't lose a lot of money and therefore have to fire people because they couldn't afford to pay them. Sigh! Yes, I know that's just the way the world works these days, and has been for a very long time. I suppose that because money and the hot pursuit of it has never been an obsession for me, it's hard accepting that it seems to be one for the majority or people. If I were better at accumulating it I would feel differently, but at the moment I am not so I don't.

And the worst part of it is... those damn commercials continuing for who knows how long.

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Wednesday, February 4

Cat sofa

click to enlarge

I was on the sofa.

Within minutes I
was replaced by
Simba as if he
was just waiting
for me to get up.

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Tuesday, February 3

Moon in a new carrier

She went in immediately after we opened it to check it out for ourselves. I guess she thinks it's comfortable, cause she fell asleep and has been in there over an hour. *smile*

Moon in a brandnew cat carrier

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