Saturday, February 28

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Been watching college basketball since noon, and it's now a quarter after 3 in the afternoon (duh. Sorry). I must say that these games go a lot faster than NBA ones do. Then again, that could at least partly be because I've been playing on the Internet more than watching. You see, up until we went to those college games in Gunnison and watched a few live, I hadn't been keeping-up with or watching college ball for several years.
I uploaded a couple of videos to yesterday. One was with A. and M. ice skating, which was made private, and the other was the end of a half of a college basketball game that I video taped while at the game in Gunnison. It is of the home team (WSC) making 2 three point baskets right before halftime. One was at the buzzer. Now that was good timing for me! Plus I uploaded several pictures that I took while looking out the plane window on the way to and from Gunnison. I have a butt-load more pictures of the snow and other things in Gunnison, just haven't gotten around to resizing, editing, and posting them.
click to enlargeWe got a note on the porch yesterday afternoon that said we needed to sign for a 'registered' letter. No idea who it's from or why it would be registered. I'm thinking it might be from the company that'll be delivering the electric wheel chair from Colorado that my dad willed to me. Really don't know though. It said that they (post office) would try to re deliver it today or that we could pick it up at the post office. It's now 3:50 p.m and so far nobody has came to the house. I did put a laminated sign on the porch-pole outside that can be seen when someone pulls up or walks up to the porch that says we can't hear honking and to please knock on the door. Hopefully that will happen. Otherwise I guess we pick it up Monday. We think we should look into getting a driveway scanner that'll notify us when anyone drives down it.
Thursday we drove into town and it was 70 degrees Fahrenheit - just beautiful! Today (Saturday) it's in the low 40's and snowing. Started early this morning. We've only accumulated about an inch, if that. But wow, what a total reversal of weather. It is supposed to get into the 50's on Monday, so there's still hope that spring really is around the corner. I know I'm crossing MY fingers!

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Lee said...

All right so we got 18 inches more snow last night and I am soooo soooo jealous of your weather!

Rambleman said...

Hopefully Spring is close.
*finger crossing*