Sunday, December 30

Catheter out - New Year in

          I don't have anything new to write about, so I figured that I'd just put in a little update. Still wearing a catheter after my trip to the E.R. on Wednesday. 

For those who don't/didn't know, this is what I wrote on Wednesday...
"Apparently my prostate decided last night was the night to become enlarged and not allow me to pee. After trying and trying for a few hours, took a hot bath hoping it would relax me enough to pee but it didn't, I drove myself to the ER at 4:30 AM this morning. :( I have to wear a catheter & pee-bag for a 2 weeks, and take some swelling reducing meds for my prostrate, I'll need to see a urologist and get said catheter removed. Until then, all I need to do after peeing is drain my bag. So, as you can imagine, I'm feeling a little down today. :-("
Since I've been wearing said catheter for 4 days I am, unfortunately, used to it. Also, for the same reason, the part it's attached to isn't nearly as tender/irritated. Of course that could also be because I bought some 3-in-1 antibiotic salve and rubbed that into my sore manhood. I don't know if the office I called on Thursday, who is supposed to call me back with a set appointment time & day to have the catheter removed is open tomorrow, but I hope they are, and I really hope they call me and say to come in first thing Wednesday morning.

Here is sincerely wishing the year of 2013 is an AWESOME year for you!

Thursday, December 13

Sucky day!

Got woken up by the front office after 5 hours of sleep to be asked if I wanted to schedule my free carpet cleaning (free because I renewed my lease for another year). Arrived at my 2 p.m doctor appointment at 2:15 because the GPS got my trip all screwed up. Sat in the waiting room at said doctor until 3 p.m. When I asked to reschedule my appointment the lady that sets up appointments asked, "Do you have something else you need to do?",

I said, "Yeah, some shopping". Which was a lie, but I figured it was more civil than saying, "No, I'm just fucking bored after sitting here for 45 minutes watching a crappy TV station!" So I go back tomorrow at noon.

Went to Target with the girls to get a few boxes to wrap presents in. Dropped the girls off at home and said to text me when they went to the hot tub. They did, but I missed the texts because I was wrapping presents, which I'm STILL not done with. And I'm using duct tape because of running out of scotch tape. The girls came over to tell me they had already been to the hot tub, but because DD needs to get some sleep before her 4 a.m shift, they were just going to go back home. When I came out of the bed room to say good-bye to them, I noticed that my son had gone to bed w/o saying good night (he had been up since 3 a.m this morning). He was on the computer when I went into the bed room to do the present wrapping.

Now it's 7 p.m. and I've basically been alone (except for a few hours) all day and here I am again... alone. Maybe I'll go to McDonald's for something to do, then come home and watch basketball on TV... alone. :-(

Back to present wrapping. yay

Monday, December 3

Proof of homeschooling in Texas

I got a letter from the SSA today saying that as of Dec. 2012 they would no longer pay my 17 year old home schooled teenager his part of my SSDI because "he's not attending a school with an accredited curriculum" and I have to show proof of his homeschool "accredited" curriculum. In Texas you don't HAVE to prove it, according to homeschool law. Here's a couple of links where I got my information.

If you have trouble claiming benefits from state or federal agencies because of your home school status, you may call the THSC Association at (806) 744-4441.


I'll be taking printouts with those URLS to the SSA Department tomorrow, if I need to after I talk to the local office. I only talked to the federal SSA on the phone this afternoon.