Wednesday, December 29

Thursday, December 16

Background color and Christmas lights

look behind the words

For some unknown reason, the background to new blog posts start as gray while using my blogwriter. It didn't used to be. A few to several months ago I was messing like I always do, trying to cleanup "unneeded' files so that my system would hopefully run faster. I was trying to compensate for the low RAM in my computer. Perhaps I was compacting folders, like the program folder. I honestly don't remember. All I know is that one day I noticed the background and tried to change it back to white, which remains an unresolved issue. What's weird, at least to me, is that once it's published to my blog site, it's white again. About that RAM I was trying to compensate for... it's no longer an issue because we saved our pennies for a while and finally purchased a 1Gb stick of it from a computer store.

Now that it's time to put up those outside holiday lights on the front of the house, it's been too cold. Of course not technically. LOL. It's just that it hasn't felt like a major priority. My first priority you ask? Is to stay warm whenever possible, except in those rare cases of an emergency, or something that absolutely has to be done. As the day of winter parties worldwide approaches, it's working it's way up the to-do list. I procrastinate for a few reasons. 1) We live very rural and have very little traffic, so 2) Not many people to impress, Er, cheer-up I mean. lol 3) Christmas lights haven't become a tradition (2nd year), yet, because I'm a new convert to getting into the holiday spirit. Yep, I used to be somewhat of a curmudgeon. lol

Thursday, December 2

Winterized windows

It's "that" time of year again. But we're ready, for the most part (I.E. physically:)

If you click you can open a new tab/window and see the pictures in their original sizes:)

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