Saturday, December 21

Our Yule 2013

Had a really good day, actually. The parents of my daughter's boyfriend treated him, my daughter, son and me to McDonalds, then treated us all again, to the movie "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" at the Imax. It was as great movie. After the movie my DD and her BF dropped me and my son back at at our apartment while they went to theirs and picked up the stuff to make mashed potatoes and dressing to go with the ham that I got yesterday. They also brought a couple of presents for each of us. They also brought the gifts they got each other. While the ham was heating up we played the card game that DD got for her BF called "Cards against humanity". Basically it's 2 decks - one with fill-in the blank statements, questions, or to finish sentences. Each person gets cards to use for answers, then each take turns drawing from the 'fill in the blank(s)' deck in the middle, and you take turns judging who plays the best card that fills in the blank. The first one to win 8 times won the game, which was my dear son. Then we ate some of the ham, stuffing, mash taters and talked. After we ate, they ran home and got some colas, came back, then daughter's BF and I played a deck-building game for two called "Ascension" while she played on her phone and dear son played one of the video games that they got for him to play on The Wii. And that was the way we celebrated The Winter Solstice AKA Yule.

Tuesday, December 17

Moving and the lost drivers license

          Don't really have much to say, so I'll understand if you stop reading here. My life, since the last time I wrote has only changed a little. Mostly, I've been to Burnet and priced an apartment and asked them to send me an application. Actually, had to print 2 copies because they want one for each adult that'll be living in the apartment. Because my son *just* turned 18 in September of this year, had to have him sign one for himself, which I personally think is silly because he has absolutely no credit history.  As "they" say, "Rules are rules." Unfortunately, after we got both applications filled out and signed, I ran out of money. I need $10 for *each* application, which I don't have. I was hoping to have it last week or early this week. So far I haven't received the help I've been waiting on. Hopefully it'll come in the snail-mail tomorrow.    
          He hasn't worked for anyone and doesn't have a job now. For those of you wondering why he hasn't been looking for work since his portion of the SSDI stopped in September, it's because I've decided that he can wait until we get moved 50 miles away. Then I'll insist on his putting in apps many places. I'll have to go with him because he's never had to do it before, and he'll need the motivation.
          I also have a lead on a possible house rental, that is if he has anything after the first of January. If he doesn't, I don't know what I'll do (call around I suppose). I talked to my current apartment people today and asked what would happen if I didn't have a place lined up and the move-out date came. She said we could either just start a month-to-month option, which would be at least a couple of hundred more $$ per month than I'm currently paying, or we could sign another 12 month lease, in which case the rent would only go up 100 dollars per month higher than the current.
          All we've been able to afford for groceries is pasta, a few pounds of hamburger, and tomato sauce to mix together has a kind of home made hamburger helper for my son and I. Which hasn't been bad. It is food after all. We do have some rice, which I'm thinking of making tonight. Or I could mix it in with the hamburger and pasta so it'd last a couple of days. There's also a chicken pot pie which he could also have. I'll bet he'd rather, actually he just confirmed that. So anyway, should have help/grocery money any day now. *crossing fingers and everything else*
          Oh yeah, and a few days ago I realized that my driver's license had gone missing when I needed it at the the bank. Needed to make copies to send with said apps, and that caused the panic to start. Then remembered that I had a current passport that I could use for ID until I got a replacement DL. Went this afternoon to have another DL mailed to me in a couple of weeks. Needed to make some copies of something that was in my briefcase after I got home, and found my DL (ironically, it was where I got my passport out of). I could've used the $20 that I borrowed for a new DL, for the application fees. *sigh*

That's all I've got for now. I'm sure you don't want to know that I've been stressing (also trying not to) about moving in a months time. Once I get a place secured, I should start feeling better.

Wednesday, November 27

The Latest

So here it is the day before Thanksgiving. What is your plan for tomorrow, the day that's called Thanksgiving? The plan for this family is to attend dinner at the relative's house of the relatives of my daughter's boyfriend. I just draw a blank for their official title. What I mean is that yes, they are definitely related to him, but I can't remember the relationship. I suppose it doesn't really matter. I just wish I could remember what I was told it was, that's all. I guess an asking is in order. I'd say his grandparents because that would make sense, but it seems as though I was told something else. I'm probably wrong.
I did indeed do like I suggested that I should, went and got boxes to pack our stuff in. Obviously I didn't do it just to collect boxes, though none of them have been filled. They're all just sitting in my bedroom waiting to have something put in them. Anyway, the plan on moving to Missouri has been changed. I have decided to stay in Texas. The reason is because my 18 year old son doesn't want there to be so much distance between his older sister and himself, which I can understand. As of right this minute the probable plan is to move to a small town/city named Burnet, TX (pronounced: Burn-it). There are only about 6600 residents there, whereas Austin has around 843,000, give or take. Quite the difference. Burnet is about 60 miles from here. My son and I drove there last week to give it a look-see, but ended up just visiting with a couple who lives there, that we met here about a year and a half ago, and didn't look around at all except driving in and out. Anyway, my plan is to go back on this Friday and actually look at places to rent. If there is anything, and I know there is, I have to make arrangements to move in around the middle of January, after the lease for this apartment expires. I'm just hoping that the weather is suitable for moving, which it has to be because we have to go somewhere. So I guess it doesn't matter what the weather is like. We plan on taking the furniture, which will probably include the wash machine and dryer, which means that I also have to arrange to rent a moving truck. U-Haul is pretty popular here (where isn't it, right?), so we'll probably go with them. Although a good friend of mine suggested that I look into someone like "Two Men and a Truck" and just let them move our stuff for us. Haven't done that yet, but will before the actual move.
So there ya go, that is the plan as of right now.

Tuesday, November 5

What to do, where to go

     Well, I should probably be going places and asking for moving boxes. Granted it won't take us long to pack, but I suppose it would make the moving situation seem more imminent. I am trying really, really hard not to stress myself or my son out. But the likelihood that he'll be able to find a job by January, that would make our base income enough to stay in this apartment is unlikely. I suppose we could get lucky. If he got *any* job we could *probably* get into a 1 bedroom at this complex without having to come up with a big deposit, since we've been here 2 years come January. With my father in-law helping, we'll be fine until January, but I need to talk with the apartment management and see if his help needs to be official (put in writing), or if my telling them that he says he'll help will be enough (assuming we stay here). It would just bother me to not be able to afford the rent if he couldn't help for some unforeseen reason, that and I feel bad that we'd be depending so much on him. On the other hand, he knows the situation and offered to help, so I suppose I should be thankful for it, which I am, I'm just saying that I don't want it to be a long-term commitment. So once more a decision has to be made about whether to stay in Texas or not. It would only be a 10 hour drive if I moved to Mountain Grove, MO. That's really not too far away from one (or both) of my kids, and it would be back in a rural setting, and there would be great friends fairly close. Or I could go somewhere closer like Burnet, TX, which is only about an hour's drive. Either place would be more affordable on a $1300/month budget. Or I could move back to Colorado, approximately a 13 hour drive, or New Mexico because my mother in-law would like that. I just don't *know* what to do. :-( But here soon a decision must be made. That means that I *really* have to get my 18 year old son so talk with me. *sigh* I suppose we could also look into a 3 bedroom place and put in an ad for a room-mate.
     In other news, my son now has the temporary (paper) state ID and is just waiting for the official, laminated one to come in the mail. We both now know that he can sign his name when he needs to, which I was worried about. He took it upon himself to practice over the weekend, knowing that he'd need to do it yesterday (on Monday). I am proud of him for that!

Wednesday, October 30

A's birthday

Had a really nice time hanging out with my daughter, her BF, and my son at the apartment of said daughter. Her BF made lunch for my son and I. While he did, we sat in the living room and watched 'How I Met Your Mother' on TV. After the food was beginning to digest in our tummies, my daughter commenced on opening her presents on her 21st birthday. After that, we ate some chocolate cake, which was delicious, and something I didn't get pictures of.

Friday, October 25

Just another day

Like the subject/title says,  today is just another day. No plans. I could go workout, which would probably involve exercising my legs somehow, like 'walking' on an elliptical, which I did last night.

This is the post that I thought I lost/deleted several days ago. I didn't know these things were automatically saved as drafts. Anyway, it's the one in which I referred to in the "Today, yesterday, tomorrow" post. LOL

The "Maybe" blog post

          You probably remember that at the end of my last entry I said, "Maybe I'll write more later."  Well, this is it! Now all I have to do is write something new. Not as easy as it sounds. Okay, not that difficult either, as I wouldn't have started this post without an idea of something to say.

          I went to the used clothing store a couple of days ago to do something I had never done before... buy a suit jacket (which I didn't find - BTW). Why? Because I thought, mistakenly apparently, that I was going to meet someone for a date. Plus I was kind of wanting something new/spiffy to hang in my closet. I had asked someone on the dating site MeetMe if I could meet her for lunch or something and she said, "I would like that", so I sent her a message asking what a good day would be for me to drive (an hour) there to meet. Unfortunately (?), I didn't get a reply. Not sure if I should send another message asking what has changed because I don't want to sound desperate (which I'm not, just lonely) or seem like a stalker. Judging by a few Christian-like things that she has posted, we probably wouldn't be a good match anyway, but a few other things (with the word "fuck" in them) suggest it could still be possible. Oh well, fuck it! Not feeling particularly compatible with anyone right now anyway. Can't walk worth a damn (I limp, plus there's that 'foot-drop' issue, the dizziness problem, amongst a plethora of other things psychologically (I'm told) MS related, all of which I'm exploring and engaging in solutions [medical and mental] for).

          All right, let's get a little more positive. I got another filling in another tooth this week. I need to get a couple of crowns for 2 root canals. I've needed them for about a month now, but haven't had the money ($600-ish each, which I'll do one at a time in two appointments each, so I can split-up the payments). I got a couple of fillings instead. The dentist is worried that the 2 teeth which need the crowns are in too much jeopardy of either breaking (by eating food that's too hard) or deteriorating.

          Went to Six Flags in San Antonio on Saturday/last weekend with my son, daughter, her boyfriend and his parents. Had a good time watching a couple of concerts. I have a couple of videos with some of each concert which I need  to edit and upload. Plus a few pictures of the whole visit. Anyway, one reason that I'm feeling depressed about going out with anyone is because of the difficulty walking I had at the amusement park. Not only did I feel extremely self-conscious about the way I was walking (wobbly), but I was doing it *very* slowly because of the limping and dizziness at times. Yes I have a cane (which I don't need all the time, that I forgot that day, and which I feel is almost useless since I suck at using it [it doesn't help much when I keep almost falling over]). In hindsight, I should've let the father of my daughter's boyfriend get that wheelchair for me (I didn't because I didn't want to be pushed around (again with the self-consciousness).  I know that being pushed is not necessarily necessary (see the words inside the last parenthesis), but that's the first thing that came to mind when he asked if he should get one instead of the electric cart. He had asked customer service about an electric cart for me, but of course there weren't any available. I didn't think to reserve one in advance.

          All righty. This has taken seemingly forever to write and edit, so I'm done. By for now!

Monday, October 21

Today, yesterday, tomorrow

I don't know what I'm going to write. I know, one would think that writing, or the idea of it would be a preamble to something... nope! I had started earlier. I looked up something in Google Images, which I open in a new tab, but when I closed the tab that I didn't need anymore, I closed the tab in which I had written in my blog and fucking lost what was written. I was pissed! Anyway... what do YOU think about more than anything else? Maybe I'll write more later.

Friday, October 11

The colors of my keyboard

I like playing with pictures, so I took four of them and combined them into a collage. The new keyboard that I use changes colors at the push of a button. My son discovered it. I had it for a couple of weeks and had no clue. LOL

Thursday, September 26

Upgrade and Good morning

Good Morning again

Renaissance & Celtic Weddings: My Celtic Renaissance Wedding

Renaissance & Celtic Weddings: My Celtic Renaissance Wedding

* I just happened to stumble across this about a Celtic wedding and thought maybe someone, somewhere in the world, the universe and/or the great beyond, would find it interesting too. We're allegedly all connected. So for some unknown reason you're here now, and I appreciate that. I really do. I'm serious. Are you now thinking, "What the fuck is he talking about?" Give it time. LOL

Saturday, September 21

Not home anymore

This felt a lot different living there, than it does looking at it from above.

It's picture time (cat and stuff)

Took some pictures and want to show them off. That and I don't have a clue as to
any fancy words to type.
Twitch got herself a new collar. She seems to be getting 'cabin fever', so I'm going to take her for at least one walk. Then  she'll remember that she doesn't really like it outdoors.

This is not long after the collar was put on. I think she's getting used to it. The walk might be a different story. Like most of us, she doesn/t like being led around.
She's a very serious cat. Hence why she's often not one that 'plays' much.

 Speaking of playing, this is the toy I bought her a couple of weeks a go, She'll only play with the string, if someone will play with her.
This is what bought for my UN-birthday today. It makes one cup at a time, which keeps me from over dosing.
But I do have this filter for some decaf if I just have to have coffee. Yes, it does happen. I love it that much!

Good night!

Tuesday, September 17

Nighty nite

Gotta get some sleep. 6 hours of sleep in 2 parts over the last 24 just isn't enough, but I'm going to make it work if it's the last thing I do. That's weird. Don't even know what I meant (if anything) or what the message I'm making is being perceived. Just tired, I guess. :) Just wanted to say...

Good night!

Friday, September 13

3 videos on Friday The Thirteenth, 2013, by Todd

This is obviously the first one.
2nd one of 3. This one has Eldin, just after he woke-up and turned his computer on. He's not one with whom you can get any talking from until he's been up for quite a while.
And this is the last one for today. It's mostly about coffee, the cat, and a tv show.

Watch on YouTube

updated at 1.38 am

Please stay tuned...

Because you just know that you've often wondered, "I wonder how Todd lives". I don't know if it's idea in this day and age to share really personal doings (for lack of a better word). Anyway, I made a video earlier this  morning and will share it with you and the rest of the world. Not until I finish watching Fringe, or maybe I should eat then share. Crap, I don't know. I do know that my stomach gurgled. Hunger gurgle?

Saturday, September 7

Proof of a Better Solution

What that was in my experience learned was, was basically using an ear flusher after putting in the ear drops and waiting for about 5, 10 minutes, is a good thing. Who'd a thunk, right? ;-D. It now feels like my ear is clean. First time in years. This, again just me, was much more effective than the ole shower head rinse. The only thing is the ringing, but I've learned how to deal with that. So it's all good.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment. :)

Thursday, September 5

Hearing returned today :-)

Thought I would let you know that my hearing finally returned to me today. While I was on my way home I finally got whatever was talking the full message, to disappear. still have the ring though, lucky me, eh? LOL

Wednesday, September 4

Wednesday speak

          Yeah, I know it's weird looking. (no pun intended) I was just playing with my video camera right before I left for my appointment with a neurologist because I had a few minutes to kill.

          Speaking of my visit with a neurologist, it was just a follow-up since I started a new medication. He just wanted to make sure I wasn't having any problems with it. I'm not. I am however having a problem with ringing in my right ear that started after I dunked my head in my bath water for a minute last week. I told him that and he said, "Don't do that." and chuckled. Funny guy! Anyway, he was also told, by me, that I used some ear wax removal and got a bunch of wax out over the weekend.  That I think that because I didn't get it all out my ear stays ringing, loudly. He doesn't think that wax buildup is why it's still ringing, rather he thinks that my MS is affecting the nerves in that ear. I will just keep washing the ear out as best I can with the solution and hope it stops ringing as loudly and returns to being able to hear normally. I'd rather not have to spend more money to visit my primary care physician, but will if it lasts until next week.

In other news... I finished watching all 4 seasons of Fringe on Netflix yesterday. I read online that they're going to have season 5 available to watch starting on September 12th. They had already started showing it, but apparently got into trouble because they didn't have the proper rights from the television company beforehand. Oopsie!

Sunday, September 1

Random pictures

This one is the side of the building across the parking lot while sitting on our porch
at night using a phone-camera without a flash.

If you click on any picture, you'll see an enlarged view of it, I hope.

The same view as the picture above, just during the day.
From the same porch as the above 2 pictures, just looking to the right during the day.
This is just a picture of all the medicine and vitamins that I take every day, in one gulp with liquid.

Tuesday, August 27

Sprucing-up hamburger helper

          I just do not consider chili without beans to be real chili. I know that's probably just me, else it wouldn't be sold in stores. I've accidentally bought it a few times because I didn't see the word "no" on the can when looking for chili with beans. (late edit: there are no cans labeled chili with no beans, only 'chili with beans'). I didn't know what to do with it when I opened the cabinet to make chili (okay, heat some chili), so one time I mixed it with a can of chili with beans for my son and I. The flavor was okay, but it just didn't blend well; too soup like for my taste. Since it (buying the wrong type of chili) has happened since that first time, I've had to find another use for it. A couple of things I do is add a can (with or without beans) to spaghetti, which makes it taste very yummy. Another thing I've done, like tonight, is add it to the browned ground beef (after it's drained), then added the macaroni and cheese sauce from the box of Hamburger Helper. Chili with beans has also been used this way, but if I have a can without beans, it's works great too. So now when I open the cabinet, see a can of chili without beans, after I think, "Shit! I did it again!" Calm is quickly re maintained because I know I've got a use for it, so it's really not a big deal anymore.
          After making tonight's box of macaroni and cheese "Hamburger Helper", I decided that it would be extremely easy to make it myself and not buy the boxes of the stuff. Yeah, I know I could've been doing that all along, but I didn't want to buy the ingredients separately to combine them into an actual meal. It's just easier when the stuff is already in a box and just needs cooked and mixed. Can't say anything except that I plead being a guy who does NOT like to cook. I'm learning however that sometimes it's necessary, so I do it from time to time. Do you know how much macaroni they give you in a box of the Hamburger Helper? Or am I going to have to measure it the next time I make some? It's just that there's exactly enough for two people, which is how many I'm cooking for most of the time. Thanks.

Sunday, August 11

Just be happy already!

Yesterday I watched 2 documentaries. One was on how people subconsciously pick mates.  Which got me to thinking that I'm screwed because of my health. People just instinctively look for healthy mates, and with 8 billion or so other choices, the likelihood of my being chosen is slim to none.

The other was about happy places around the world. People who live in conditions that are totally opposite of the way it’s perceived that “most” in the U.S do. In some countries their houses are 3-sides lean-tos because the families can’t afford to get a house built, so they put up what is needed. They don’t have a lot of things (cars, money, toys, etc.), yet they say they’re happy. The message being that happiness is a state of mind and nothing more. Yeah, it’s a state of mind, but the happier people seemed to have more people around them, like family. I suppose it’s not the amount of people one has around them as long as the ones that are, are people you enjoy being around. That would definitely explain why I was happy in Missouri, even though there weren’t a lot of people around me. The people who were around are the ones who made me happy. Unfortunately, the person who made me happiest wasn’t as happy as I was. Now that I’m here I have to find a way to make myself happy, and I’m having trouble maintaining happy feelings for more than a day or two. I’m working on it. I try and meditate every day. I did forget yesterday though. I’m also trying to do more things during the day that make me happy vs. things that don’t. The goal being that the ones that make me happy are on a longer list. No, I don’t make an actual list. One thing that is suggested is to write down five things every day that you’re thankful for and/or make you happy, which I did yesterday. 

Anyway, something that a lot of people on the documentaries said was that they were busy all the time. The trick being that they were always doing something which triggered happiness hormones. It’s said that one way to get more of those into your system is by helping other people. It has to do with feeling that someone outside of yourself is more important than you. I guess it kind of forces you to stop thinking only of yourself, which in turn lets you forget about whatever’s making you unhappy.

About the staying busy all the time. I actually do. I guess I need to stop thinking about whether the things are considered important to other people. As long as I did them because I thought they were important is all that matters. I think that’s my biggest issue, wondering if I’m the only one that thinks I’m doing important enough things. But see, if my only purpose is to be happy, and the only person who can do that is me, how will I justify worrying more about me than others? Again, why do I find it necessary to need to justify anything? You know, the whole “selfishness is bad” thing? Everyone needs to be a little selfish though, else they won’t be happy. Hmm… that’s true! So think of yourself enough to be happy then you’ll have enough happiness to share. One of the messages is that people are always asking, “Why is life so hard?” Allegedly the answer is, “It doesn’t have to be. You just need to change the way you think and believe you deserve everything you want and you’ll have everything you need.” The power of intention.

Then I start to wonder why I can’t seem to do/have all that without drugs (prescription or otherwise). Like maybe my brain is just so screwed up that I just need to accept life as it is and stop worrying about how it can be better, because I can’t seem to believe I am strong enough to cause long-term change of my brain. Though there are supposedly studies out there that prove thought alone can physically change a brain. So what is needed is self-confidence. Or hypnosis in my case? Maybe brain surgery is my only hope.

Saturday, July 27


I spent almost all day watching episode after episode of a show called "Weeds" that originated on the Showtime network (or whatever it's medium it's called). I'm almost done with season 2. I know there were at least 3 seasons.

I did go to the grocery store. I bought some Dr. Pepper, Cheetos, a can of Pringle-like chips, and some ice cream bars. Before you yell at me for being a bad boy, you should be proud of me for not buying alcohol or cigarettes. I haven't smoked a cigarette in over a month! I'm afraid to drink alcohol because the last time I did I nearly had to visit the emergency room because of what drinking too much 'laxin juice' does to my colon. At least I'm assuming it's the alcohol that does it. It's fine, really, I don't really enjoy drinking alone anyway. If some type of emergency not involving me were to happen, I'm the only one living here who can drive. Yeah, I know, that's what 911 is for. But that shit's so fucking expensive it's not even a little funny. I think it's that expensive to discourage people from calling 911. Either that or "they" think it's somehow empowering people to take care of themselves if at all possible. Perhaps they claim it has to be so expensive to pay for care they give to all the uninsured people? I don't know. Not real sure I even care that much. I'm just sayin!

A pretty exiting rain/thunder storm happened last night/early this morning. If there were a contest, I know that the electricity went out at 11:57 PM last night. It wasn't off for long. It did cause the alarm for this building to go off and ring/buzz very loudly. I kept hoping that it would just stop. That someone would call maintenance to come and turn it off. I know there are at least a couple of apartments in this building, on the bottom floor like we are, that have kids. I kept thinking someone with kids would call. The alarm started a little after midnight. At 2:30 AM it was still going off and I couldn't take it anymore, so I called maintenance. 10-15 minutes later the alarm was turned off. What the fuck people?! WHY WAS I THE ONLY ONE TO CALL? And why the hell doesn't an alarm going off in a building alert SOMEONE/ANYONE to come to the building to find out why the hell it's going off? It's just ridiculous that we have to call someone to turn it off!

Okay. I may go check the mail. The snail-mail that is. Though I guess I don't really need to for any reason other than curiosity or the chance that someone sent some money. Other than that, there's no hurry to get another bill or throw yet some more junk mail away, or find that we got no mail at all.

In a surprising note, my son reset the clocks on the microwave and stove in the kitchen before I got up today at 12:30 PM. I am proud of him!

Wednesday, July 24

New cooling vest

(clicking enlarges the pic)
This is me in my new cooling vest.

I did wear it when I walked over to the mailbox, then to the exercise room where I rode a stationary bike for 15 minutes, with the temp being about 97*F. The vest no doubt kept me cooler than usual the whole time, but because I only had the cooling packets in the freezer for a few hours and they weren't completely frozen, not as cool as they will when fully frozen. I don't know how much it's supposed to cover me. Maybe I should've ordered the medium size instead of the small. For anyone who's wondering, it does fit in the freezer with all 5 packets installed. They sent me 10 packets.

Possible schedule rearrangement

2:15 PM – So after I couldn’t sleep when I went to bed early last night, I decided to watch a movie. I ended up watching 2 movies. The first one was “God Bless America”. It was about a man in his early 40’s I think, who was sick and tired of the popularity of the reality shows, which he felt were like the Roman times when they were have fights to the death in coliseums right before the empire collapsed. He especially didn’t like American Idol (though in the movie it was called something else) because of the times the show has gotten really bad singers. It really bothered him when the show would use the audition of one particular wannabe contestant who wasn’t all there mentally and make fun of his handicap to give the public something to laugh at. He found out a contestant had attempted suicide and assumed the reason was because he was being ridiculed on television, but as it turned out it was because the show was going to stop showing him on TV. Anyway, this guy and a teenager who also felt like America was going downhill decided that they would just kill (by shooting) anyone who they thought was contributing to the downfall of America. It was actually a pretty good movie. The other movie watched was “Mission Impossible 3” (M.I. III).

The reason I watched 2 movies was because I decided that I would stay up as late as I could and then sleep really late, then I could slowly rearrange my schedule so that I’m up and awake more when it’s dark and cooler. Since I don’t do well physically or psychologically when I’ve over heated, which is easy to do when the outside temperatures are in the high 90’s to low 100’s, I figure “why not go out and do things after the sun goes down instead on during the day when it’s so hot?” Plus my schedule would be more in alignment with my son’s. Then of course today my cooling vest was delivered. The cooling packs are in the freezer as we speak. So now I have to decide if I really want to reverse my schedule. - 3:01 PM

Tuesday, July 23

Not sleepy, just bored

And since I don't have the energy or motivation to do anything physical (like workout. Though I did do 13 push-ups a little while ago), I'm just going to watch a movie.

Early bed time

          It's not even 9 in the evening but I'm thinking about going to bed. Spent between 1 and 4:30 at the doctor's. Then I took myself to Jack in The Box for a late lunch/early supper. Then I went over to the office and got a cup of coffee because I read that drinking caffeine first thing in the morning helps your body & brain wake-up, so I figured I would give it a go in late afternoon. It didn't really do much for me. I guess I was already worn out. Took a nap for about an hour after I texted with dear daughter for a few minutes. She had to go to bed, so I wished her a good night and sweet dreams, and told her that I love her very much. Then I took a nap from 6:15 to 7 PM. After that I went to the pharmacy and picked up a prescription. Was feeling pretty good after I got home, so I  washed the inside and outside of the windshield and the front driver and passenger windows. After that was done I came back into the apartment and realized that I was exhausted... again. So now that pretty much everything that needs to be done is done, except vacuuming which I'll either do tomorrow before noon or talk my dear son into doing it, it's downtime. I would do it this evening, but it's not that important because the only visitors we ever have are people we're related to. It's not filthy anyway, so it can wait until tomorrow. Dear son stayed up all night and didn't go to bed until noonish, so he's asleep. I don't feel like watching a movie on Netflix by myself, I've already read a little of a new book and am not in the mood for reading anyway. Hence why I'm strongly considering going to bed. Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can find a very inexpensive class in Tia-Chi.

Hope you had a great day. And may tomorrow be the best day of your far! Good night!

Monday, July 22

The happy to be healthy

7/21/2013 10:44 PM (beginning time)

It was a pretty good day. At least I did no physical harm. Notice I didn’t say that I did no harm, because how my actions or inaction affect the cosmic energy, I don’t know. I suppose I could say that I didn’t do any intentional harm. I did try to smash an ant when I was by the hot-tub, but I missed and didn’t think it important enough to chase it down.

Yeah, I did say “hot-tub”, even though the temperature was probably in the 90’s. Ya know what? I really have no idea what the temp was when I went to sit in the tub of hot water this morning. I did something today that I had never done before. What? Oh, the first activity I participated in after my nightly-morning rest was to put on my swim trunks and head to the hot-tub, even before having breakfast or anything more than a drink of water. I’ve wanted to sit in the hot-tub for a few days, but never did, primarily because I don’t like sitting in it alone. But today I thought, “Screw it, I’m going in alone and I don’t care who sees me walking there. Been very self-conscious of what people will think of me when they see me walking. Yes, I have been told straight-up by whomever I’m with that it’s no big deal. Just doesn’t feel like ‘no big deal’ to me though. Or see me sitting alone.” Although I know deep-down I should NOT care what others think, I do think someone may be thinking it‘s just pathetic to always be without a side-kick. Ya know what? I don’t really think anyone would think that, but I kind of feel that way because I am always by myself. That being said, I have had a rise in “happy thoughts” the last few days, Hmm… mayhap this whole “consciously changing negative thoughts into positive ones for increased happiness” stuff is for real. See, in my quest to be not like everyone else, it’s coming to my front conscious that some things that are considered “normal” aren’t so bad after all. Like the theory that all it takes to be happy is to think happy thoughts. Could it really be that simple? I am having trouble really believing that we can change our physical health by using thoughts alone or even primarily. What if it’s your brain that has problems? Say like Multiple Sclerosis which is confirmed by running an imaging scan of the brain, and if lesions (scars) are seen to be in the actual brain matter, you have MS, or something along those lines. Healing my brain by thinking it all better just doesn’t seem likely to me. Again, could it really be that simple? Or am I just going to have health issues the rest of my life? Though my wife and daughter say there have been instances of ‘total remission’ of MS-like symptoms just by changing the diet. I mostly follow the low-carb/low processed food way of eating. Again, it conjures up thoughts like, “just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t make it true”. I just need to meet someone who been lucky enough to basically be healed (remised?), in person, before I become a believer. I don’t know why I can’t have more faith. I do have a brain disorder, so give me break. LOL. Like Mulder said, “I WANT TO BELIEVE”.

Also today, I rode the stationary bike in the exercise room for 15 minutes. I did an aerobics workout via a Wii program. I did some balance exercises, also using the Wii system. Enjoyed a few games of Wii sports with my son. A load of laundry was completely done. Oh yeah, and I cooked breakfast for me, then lunch/supper for me and the young man I like to call my son.

This concludes another session of “Deep thoughts by Todd”. Until next time,

Think Happy!

finished time: 11:59 PM