Wednesday, January 2


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Hearing A Mother's Song After Tragedy : The Record : NPR

Hearing A Mother's Song After Tragedy : The Record : NPR

She's got such a beautiful voice. Sad song to me though.

Removal: Hopefully NEXT Wednesday

I say hopefully because I'm still waiting for a nurse or doctor from the clinic to call me back to tell me when exactly I can go in to have the Foley Catheter removed. Talked to the case manager at the hospital not long ago, on the phone, and she told me that if I could get in next Wed. that I'm doing well, because that clinic only has ONE doctor AND they're very, very busy. Not only that, the doctor is only there on Wednesday MORNINGS only. So I asked to be sure it is okay to have/wear the catheter another week since I've already been wearing it since last Wednesday and was told it was. Meanwhile, I am taking the anti-swell medicine and echinacea capsules to ward off any wanna be infection. But still, I'm not a happy camper. I was really hoping today was the last day with it. Oh well. Life sucks, then you die.