Tuesday, March 31

Starring Galux

Clicking on the picture, any picture enlarges the view

Galux on top of the monitor
Was sitting doing email when I saw her on the monitor...

Then she tried unsuccessfully to lay next to the monitor...

So she moved to in front of the printer...
In front of the printer

This is the picture I took a few days ago, but it's so cute I'm doing it again...
Galux weirdly in the box

Leak fixed

Repaired connection leak

After my first two cups of coffee this morning I decided to take the time to make the connection for the filter housing in the pumphouse stop leaking. It wasn't a serious leak, unless you consider dropping enough water to fill a 2 gallon bucket every two days as serious. I didn't because it was just dripping one drop at a time while you were looking at it. Probably dripped even when your weren't, but still. Anyway, the sun was shining, females were computing, the son was video gaming and I was watching The Price Is Right unenthusiastically. It was a good time to go out there, shut the water to the filter and therefore to the house off and fix it, which I did. Thought it would only take about 5-10 minutes, but in actuality it took me 20 minutes. I had tried to fix it a few months back but I didn't have any of the white pipe-thread-tape you wrap around the threads, so I had used electrical tape, which didn't work as well as I was hoping. However, we had bought some of the white thread-tape a month or two ago and this time I used it. Amazingly it worked! So hopefully the leaking is permanently fixed now and the dirt floor in the well/pump/water filter house can dry. Yes, it's had a leak off and on for at least 6 months, but prior to today it had been too cold, in my opinion to work out there, even though a light being on in there kept it pretty warm so the pipes didn't freeze. It's done now though. YAY!

Monday, March 30

Target practice, Outcome letting go of

Todays printed target

Decided that since the weather was nice today that I would try and sight-in the telescope on our .22 rifle. I started while being approximately 100 feet away, then moved closer to about 20 feet. Unfortunately, the scope is either so far off that I'm going to need a laser-light to hone it, or the wind totally messed with the flying of the bullets. I only tried about 10 times, but NONE of the shots even hit the wood around the target. Actually, couldn't find any bullet holes on the side of the shed at all. Obviously I'm hoping that it was the wind's fault, but who knows!?
Today, prior to the target practice, there was yet another 'sign' of how letting go of an outcome produces positive results. We have some friends whose family decided that they are going to move to the state below us. I had been thinking a lot about it and was trying not to be sad about it, although I'm going to miss them so much. Anyway, last night I just decided out of the blue that they weren't leaving us, they were just moving on, I didn't need to call to say good-bye, and that I was okay with it. This afternoon, after not hearing from them for a few weeks, we get a call from them saying that they had been thinking a lot about us and just decided they needed to call. So once I made the decision to let go, they contacted me. We're going to meet them this week in the park. I'm assuming it mostly to just say Good-bye. There ya go. Synchronicity? Serendipity?

Tuesday, March 24

Screensaver of our yard

A video made of our screensaver that was made with pictures on the camera with the settings set to panorama.


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Sunday, March 22

Funeral, Family, Car, Doll

Madison and Marilyn's coffin Mom's headstone Daughter's new doll, from grandma

Friday we rented a car, a Ford Focus. Nice car. It had 'Sirius' radio, cruise control, air-conditioning and heat of course. Plus it rode real nice and got great gas mileage. No idea the exact MPG, but with a full tank it had about 415 miles before it got to empty. That got us all the way to Liberty, MO and back. We did put 10 dollars worth in the tank in Urbana just because I was nervous with the lighted tank on on the dashboard and the needle almost on 'E'. That gave us another 200 miles before it would've been on empty again. Of course it didn't get that low again because it was only about 40 miles from there to Lebanon. We took the car back on Saturday morning. From there we went to lunch at KFC and stopped at Wal-Mart for a few things before heading back home in the seemingly HUGE van. When we got home there was a box by the door and a hangy-thing on the door knob showing that they left the box. I guess that's in case it gets moved so we'll know it wasn't the delivery company that did it. It was a large doll that my mom had, that my sister sent. Our daughter took it to her bedroom immediately before I got a chance to see it. She took a picture of it and showed it to me so I wouldn't have to walk all the way to her bedroom, then showed it to me - that's a big doll, but beautiful! Anyway, it was nice seeing my big bro 'A', big sis 'M', and some of my cousins. Big Bro bought us all lunch at the Golden Corral in Kansas City. We all talked, traded hugs, and parted. Nephew flew back to New York, Sis went to Gunnison, Bro went to Florida, and cousins went wherever (some into KC and elsewhere).

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Wednesday, March 18


Latte:left, Rocky:right. Click to enlarge

The people at the Urbana Methodist church were very friendly. We had to wait about 30 minutes for our number to be called. They just had people wait in the church and when their number was called, they went out to the entrance area, signed a paper so they had your name and stuff so they knew who got their groceries. It was fun listening to people talk while we waited. Isn't it ironic how funny monetarily challenged people can be? I guess it's better to laugh than cry. Or we just know it's alright to ask for help. Anyway, we didn't know we were supposed to sign anything, so we just went straight to the van thinking "I guess they'll just ask and we'll say 'yeah, we had a number in there' and they'll give us some groceries". Since we're oh-so-memorable, someone noticed and came out and told us to go back in and sign the paperwork. Would've been better had the lady who calls numbers told us that when we handed her our number-card, but she didn't, and it's no big deal. And it gave us time to chit-chat that much more. Then we took the van through a drive-through, and they put a box with canned food, a store bought chicken, beef patties, dry milk, toothpaste, and a tube of sausage. Not a lot, but every little bit helps.
Stopped by the pharmacy, picked up my medicine, some cola, a few other sweets and then headed for home. We stopped at our neighbor's place, talked a while, and left with another couple of dozen eggs. We're (Rain actually) is strongly considering making a pan of brownies for him, his wife, his daughter and grandchild, just so they can be certain we really appreciate the free eggs. They know that SSD is our only source of income, so they understand we don't have much extra money to buy the eggs with, although we would pay something if they really wanted/asked us to.
Today we took Rocky and Tiger to the shelter. Confirmed (when asked) that we had four more to bring in, but that it would be just a couple at a time. I'm sure that was appreciated because they're working with a skeleton crew right now because two of their employees are out on maternity leave.
Got some gas for the van, ate lunch, did a little essential-grocery shopping, some Oestara (Pagan Easter) shopping, and even a little birthday shopping for the Rain lady. Now we're home doing what we do when we're here.

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[updated 3-19] Bye-bye kitties, Pineapple

Rocky taking a nap

This Rocky, taking a nap, just like the writing on the picture says. *grin* The reason I chose this particular picture for today is that he'll be going to the shelter today, along with another kitty (Tiger). As soon as I find a picture of her I'll add it to this entry. Oh yeah, I *could* just take a picture, but that would make the search pointless. This is her 4 years ago. She hasn't changed much.


On the other hand, I could and also take an update pic of our Pineapple plant/tree. Don't know if it's going to get bigger, or just juicier. We've never grown one so we're clueless about what to expect.

March 09 pineapple

Took this on 3-19 which I believe is a much better shot
(clicking enlarges)
New as of 3-19-09

Okay, it's time to go, so I'll talk later, maybe :-)

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Friday, March 13

Deer in back yard

Just happened to look out the bathroom window around 11:30 AM and was surprised by a deer because it was so late in the morning. I went and got the camera and took a picture. Unfortunately I couldn't PhotoShop the window screen out, sorry. So here it is in it's original form, except I resized it. It will get larger if you click on the picture.

Deer in our back yard in March of 2009

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Thursday, March 12

Parent update and stuff

In the plane's lavatory. LOL
(enlarge to read description)

And that reason is that nothing write-worthy has been happening since my visit to Colorado when my father passed away. I guess I can mention that my mom is no longer residing in the nursing home she was when I left. Apparently all that "we'll work around HER schedule and routines" was just lip service. She likes to sleep in until around 11 a.m because she enjoys some of the late night talk shows. Shows like 'Jay Leno' specifically. Plus she isn't a breakfast eater and prefers to just wait until lunchtime to eat, after she's been awake at least an hour before having to move around a lot. They said is would be "no problem". Yeah! Right! The first morning or the one after, they woke her up at 9 a.m and said it was time for her shower and then breakfast. She told them she didn't do morning showers or breakfast, and was ignored and given what she told me on the phone to be "the fastest shower and being dressed I've ever had" and then was taken to breakfast in a wheel chair. They were told, and agreed, that she needed to be encouraged to use her walker or she would just let them do EVERYTHING for her. *sigh* In the second week I was sent an email saying how they (nurses) had had to sit with her the "last couple of mornings because of her anxiety attacks" and they "didn't have time for that", so the ON-CALL doctor (she had a primary) thought they should change ALL of her medications because "obviously it's not stopping the anxiety attacks". Well gosh, could it be that her husband of 49 years had died just 2 weeks ago? DUH!! Anyway, my sister and brother in law decided that the hospital wasn't going to work, so they moved her out of there and into their house, where she's been about a week now. As far as I know she's doing okay.
As for me and my medical issues... I had an appointment today. Apparently I either have a bladder problem or a prostate problem causing some urine retention (most likely bladder). Will be going back for more investigation. *sigh*
Other than that, we (Rain and I) are actually becoming pretty good at pool. *smile*
Oh yeah... on our way home from the doctor we had to stop about a mile from our house to stomp out a fire that was probably caused by someone throwing a lit cigarette butt out their window. Another half a mile later there was an even BIGGER brush fire that was mostly likely caused by the same thing, but it was already too big for us. When we got home a few minutes later I called 911 and they arrived about 10 minutes or so later to take care of it. I'm glad they did too, because the wind was blowing in our direction, and there is a LOT of dry leaves and pasture areas between us and said fire (1/4 mile away). Some people are just idiots!! Everyone is safe, sound, and flame-less now and good to go. *smile* So please remember...



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Tuesday, March 3

Today's happenings

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

We went shopping today and got what we're hoping will last the better part of March. Of course we'll buy things as necessary, but hopefully nothing that's a life or death type of thing. Other than shopping, our activities included filling the van's gas tank with gas for $1.75 per gallon. More expensive than the prices I saw in Springfield last week, but I think it was less than the ones in Buffalo yesterday. Don't quote me on that though, thanks. We also went to Steak 'N' Shake for lunch. It was delicious as always, and cost us only $40 for the four of us. The 'big ticket' item we got today was a replacement coffee maker for approximately $40, by Mr. Coffee that's programmable so I can have coffee made before I wake/get up in the morning. Just have to remember to prepare it before bed, and remember not to unplug it lest the time and timer have to be reset. An added bonus was that the cats get a new box to sleep and/or play in. Needed to replace the old one because it just stopped working without warning a few days ago. When Rain reminded me of it's age (10 years old) I was surprised, yet impressed it lasted so long. The only maintenance I ever had to do on it was run vinegar through it every so often to get the lime coating out of wherever the water went through before it got to the filter then carafe. Anyway, after we got home and unpacked, we ran an 8 cup 'test' pot and it was delish, as always. Rain had been making my morning brew with 2 scoops of coffee to 1 scoop of sugar, but I did this one in a 2:2 ratio because I decided the old way wasn't sweet enough. I also decided that extra scoop wasn't as detrimental to my health as I was thinking. Yes, just my opinion, not based on scientific reasoning what so ever.

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