Tuesday, March 31

Leak fixed

Repaired connection leak

After my first two cups of coffee this morning I decided to take the time to make the connection for the filter housing in the pumphouse stop leaking. It wasn't a serious leak, unless you consider dropping enough water to fill a 2 gallon bucket every two days as serious. I didn't because it was just dripping one drop at a time while you were looking at it. Probably dripped even when your weren't, but still. Anyway, the sun was shining, females were computing, the son was video gaming and I was watching The Price Is Right unenthusiastically. It was a good time to go out there, shut the water to the filter and therefore to the house off and fix it, which I did. Thought it would only take about 5-10 minutes, but in actuality it took me 20 minutes. I had tried to fix it a few months back but I didn't have any of the white pipe-thread-tape you wrap around the threads, so I had used electrical tape, which didn't work as well as I was hoping. However, we had bought some of the white thread-tape a month or two ago and this time I used it. Amazingly it worked! So hopefully the leaking is permanently fixed now and the dirt floor in the well/pump/water filter house can dry. Yes, it's had a leak off and on for at least 6 months, but prior to today it had been too cold, in my opinion to work out there, even though a light being on in there kept it pretty warm so the pipes didn't freeze. It's done now though. YAY!

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