Sunday, March 22

Funeral, Family, Car, Doll

Madison and Marilyn's coffin Mom's headstone Daughter's new doll, from grandma

Friday we rented a car, a Ford Focus. Nice car. It had 'Sirius' radio, cruise control, air-conditioning and heat of course. Plus it rode real nice and got great gas mileage. No idea the exact MPG, but with a full tank it had about 415 miles before it got to empty. That got us all the way to Liberty, MO and back. We did put 10 dollars worth in the tank in Urbana just because I was nervous with the lighted tank on on the dashboard and the needle almost on 'E'. That gave us another 200 miles before it would've been on empty again. Of course it didn't get that low again because it was only about 40 miles from there to Lebanon. We took the car back on Saturday morning. From there we went to lunch at KFC and stopped at Wal-Mart for a few things before heading back home in the seemingly HUGE van. When we got home there was a box by the door and a hangy-thing on the door knob showing that they left the box. I guess that's in case it gets moved so we'll know it wasn't the delivery company that did it. It was a large doll that my mom had, that my sister sent. Our daughter took it to her bedroom immediately before I got a chance to see it. She took a picture of it and showed it to me so I wouldn't have to walk all the way to her bedroom, then showed it to me - that's a big doll, but beautiful! Anyway, it was nice seeing my big bro 'A', big sis 'M', and some of my cousins. Big Bro bought us all lunch at the Golden Corral in Kansas City. We all talked, traded hugs, and parted. Nephew flew back to New York, Sis went to Gunnison, Bro went to Florida, and cousins went wherever (some into KC and elsewhere).

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Lee said...

Glad you were able to connect with your family. That is a beautiful doll for your daughter also!

Anonymous said...

I am glad everything went well. That's a beautiful doll. Your daughter is blessed to have something of your mother's.