Sunday, September 21


It was raining a few days ago so I went out on the front porch to watch it. While I was out there I decided to take a few pictures. These are them. Just a heads-up, the date on the pictures is wrong. I didn't realize until today when I was resizing these that the month on them was wrong, so I corrected the month on them. Then I noticed while fixing the date on the camera that the day was also wrong. I had already changed to date (month) on the pictures and didn't feel like re-editing them again, besides, can't remember the day/date I actually took said pics without looking up when I posted on Facebook that I was sitting out on the porch watching the rain and lightening. I know it wouldn't take me long to do a little research to find out, but I don't feel like it. *smile* So without further adieu, here they are...

Our car being washed by the rain
To take a picture of the puddle in front of the porch was the original reason for going out while it was raining.
The next three were taken just because.. The color isn't really accurate on these because I was messing with the settings on PhotoShop.

Tuesday, September 16

Saturday, September 13

Sunday, September 7

Latest read novel

I finished a novel by Sandra Brown that goes by the title of “Charade”. It’s about a soap opera star that gets a heart transplant. She becomes a “transplantee”. Then she decides that she wants to start giving, since she received the new heart. So she moves to Houston, TX from Hollywood, hooks-up with a television station and together they begin a program to bring together parents who wish to adopt. But before she got her new heart, someone had to donate one; hence an attack on someone who became brain-dead whose heart was able to be saved for transplantation. After she gets her new heart she also starts getting copies of articles from newspapers across the country showing that people who had gotten new hearts on the same day that she did, who died under mysterious circumstances. There is one theory that they’re from a family member of the deceased, someone who did not want to have their relative’s heart donated but felt pressured to consent. There’s the man she falls in love with whom lost a girlfriend in an automobile accident. There is the lover of the woman whom was murdered by her husband. And of course there was the husband whom murdered his wife when he walked in on her having sex with her lover. I am not going to tell you who wants her dead because of her new heart. You’ll have to read the book.
Anyway, this book made me cry several times. The times when it was talked about not getting to say, “Good-bye” to their loved one, were emotional. I wish that I could have said good-bye to my now deceased wife and knew that she heard me. I just have to hope that she did.

Monday, September 1


Been thinking about writing for a few days now, but for one reason or another I haven’t. I’m thinking that more times than not I just find something else to do. Despite being told over and over and over again that you DO like to hear about what I consider days of just boring shit, think that you don’t. Most days I just read some of a book that I checked out of the library, or read posts on Facebook or now a site that I joined a couple/few months ago called myMSteam. It’s a site for people with MS, or their family members, who need support to deal with the multiple sclerosis issues. I actually spend more time on myMSteam than on FB. There are many out there who have more or worse issues pertaining to MS than I do, so I’ve learned not to say when I’m having a day of dealing (mostly emotionally) with my MS issues. I guess I’ve just learned that there’s really nothing that anyone can do, so I just hold my emotions in. If you want to know the latest thing that I’m dealing with, you’ll need to ask.


I have started going to a class at the YMCA to get some exercise and socialization. It’s called, “Sit n’ Be Fit.” It’s a “chair-based fitness program for individuals who want to improve endurance, strength, flexibility and balance.” I’ve only been to 2 classes, so it’s a bit early to know if it’s doing anything for me in those areas. That’s okay though, because I joined it more to be with other people than the exercise. I am of course hoping that it will help, mostly with my balance than anything. Speaking of balance, I have also been trying to use some of the games of the Wii system designed specifically for balance. When I do breakout the Wii balance board and games, I usually do some Wii Yoga poses too. My balance is so bad though, that I’m thinking of using my walking stick during at least some of the exercises and Yoga so that I don’t get so frustrated and stop early.


I just finished a book by Mary Higgins Clark by the title of, “The Second Time Around.” It’s a book about a man who finds that a science formula that his dad worked on while he was growing up will cure cancer. But there are people whom feel that they should be the ones to reap the financial rewards of the medicine more than the man who is actually responsible for finding it, tweaking it, and making it available to the people who can be cured. The bad people use their money and power of their pharmaceutical companies to make it look like the medicine is bad, so that they can “discover” it and of course market it as their own.

My son & also checked out a couple of movies from the local library, for something else to do indoors out of the heat. One was, “Kate & Leopold,” starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman. It’s about a man (Hugh Jackman) who discovers a way to pass through time, and is followed by a man from the 1800’s whom follows him back to the current time. That man falls in love with Meg Ryan (Kate) and after he (Leopold) is sent back to his time is joined by Kate and they get married. The 2nd movie we brought home was, “National Treasure 2 – Book of Secrets,” starring Nicholas Cage. He finds out that there really is a city of gold and the key is hidden in a book in the book shelf in the library of the White House.