Sunday, September 21


It was raining a few days ago so I went out on the front porch to watch it. While I was out there I decided to take a few pictures. These are them. Just a heads-up, the date on the pictures is wrong. I didn't realize until today when I was resizing these that the month on them was wrong, so I corrected the month on them. Then I noticed while fixing the date on the camera that the day was also wrong. I had already changed to date (month) on the pictures and didn't feel like re-editing them again, besides, can't remember the day/date I actually took said pics without looking up when I posted on Facebook that I was sitting out on the porch watching the rain and lightening. I know it wouldn't take me long to do a little research to find out, but I don't feel like it. *smile* So without further adieu, here they are...

Our car being washed by the rain
To take a picture of the puddle in front of the porch was the original reason for going out while it was raining.
The next three were taken just because.. The color isn't really accurate on these because I was messing with the settings on PhotoShop.


They are not aware said...

You went out to take pictures of a puddle? You funny.
Good to see you posting though.

Todd said...

Yeah. Just thought it interesting that it was the same width of the front steps and on a slope. It looked bigger in person.