Sunday, April 10

My pet wasp

So I'm weird. I was told just recently that I'm just compassionate. That being said, I poisoned this and other wasps building nests in the window sills on the front of our house. I'll eventually go around the entire house and "take care" of the other wasps and their nests.

Wednesday, March 9

Repetition of song lyrics and/or chorus

I cannot be the only one whom it drives crazy, the 'it' I speak of is the part of a song that is referred to as the 'chorus'. I am assuming that the song writer doesn't determine how many times it will be repeated when the song is played on the air. Am I wrong? Is it the producer(s) of the song that determine the length that the song will play and therefore how many times the chorus gets repeated? I personally feel that one time is enough. I try to help get this point across when Pandora is the provider, by skipping to the next song when the repetition gets to me. I even talk to myself as I'm clicking the skip button as say, "I wonder what the fuck they're going to sing next?" in a sarcastic tone.