Monday, September 26

Follow-up on Potential breakthrough

Just wanted to ad an addendum, also known as a P.S.? Anyway, I just decided that I'm not going to let school rule my life. I'm going back to how I originally started. I started with a schedule of how long to do things like reading the textbook, class online, and now programming. Even my time while at the computer doing my own things is going to be on a schedule. Reading the textbook will be done in 30 minute increments, then a 5 or so minute break, then read for another 30 minutes. Being online at the 'classroom' is also going to be in 30/5 time tables. As a matter of fact, I think I'll do the 30/5 whenever I'm on the computer doing anything (personal or school). Last week was just stressful. Last evening I just decided that I'm not going to let school/stress kill my ass. I simply have got to remember one reason I need to stay on SSD is because I have MS, and stress is Horrible to MS sufferers, especially the stressed out kind I was a couple of weeks ago. That obviously happened, but I knew/know better and should've "taken a chill pill" before the exacerbation (MS flare-up). Okay, I'm all better now. Later, Tater!

Potential breakthrough

It's a new week so I just know that we'll be covering the chapter that is last week's last one, +1. I read a few parts of the next chapter (5 in this instance) and may have discovered why I was getting so frustrated last week. To put it at the most basic level... I was doing it wrong. However, it was just me writing the right code and thinking it was supposed to do something other than I was trying to make it do. Right code in the Wrong spot type of thing. Yes, I'm having a 'slap myself on the forehead' moment. I have a feeling this week will be better for school understanding and program writing practice.

Sunday, September 25

Week Two's homework

If I wanted to watch my Sunday, NFL football without also being on the computer working, I need to write 2 pages of assignment answers, tweak one computer application, and create another one in, oh, the next couple of freaking" minutes. LOL. Well, looks like I'm going to have to continue with my multitasking practice. See ya later!


Did I mention that all 4 of those college writing and application assignments are due within the next 7 hours? Just me being me though. No worries, mate!

Awesome home and 9 acres for sale

2 (possible 3) bedroom, 1 bath home with wood burning stove, 2 living rooms
(only $74,900 U.S. dollars)

Lots of trees that could be firewood.

Private well.

9.44 acres.

2 bedrooms (1 with walk-in closet), 1 full bath, with 1 Small upstairs room.

All appliances (cook stove, microwave, refrigerator, upright/heavy duty freezer, washer and dryer, 3 window air conditioners) stay.

4 ceiling fans.

Porch wraps around half of the house.


24' x 24' octagonal above-ground pool.

24' x 24' octagonal above-ground pool


Round trampoline.


Large front and back yards.

back yard with pool

View of front/side yard

Back yard (wood shed on the left)


Large (approx. 2 acres) hayfield that you can get bails of hay from 2-3 times a year.

2-3 (approx) haying field


Outbuildings with electricity.

1 could be used as an unattached bedroom/craft room.

crafthouse/possible bedroom


1 is currently the tool shed.

Toolshed with table saw that stays


1 large (garage sized) shed with a cement floor and has a 3-sided animal shelter attached. There's a riding mower inside that stays with the house.

Garage sized shed with riding mower that stays


Seasonal pond in a 1 acre (approx.) fenced field.

Small, season pond in an approx. 1 acre fence pasture


Small year around pond (larger than the one above).

Year 'round pond


Apple tree, persimmon trees, wild cherry trees, walnut trees, wild plum trees.

Lots of trees (fruit, nut, etc)

Apple tree


Weeping-willow tree/hedge in backyard.

You can also get high speed (1.5 Mbps) DSL

Questions welcome.

Thursday, September 22

Beautiful home 9 acres sale

* You can also get high speed (1.5 Mbps) DSL

* Lots of trees (fruit, nut, etc)

* Ask for details in a 'comment' and we will answer it.

Wednesday, September 21

Unexpected results

If you remember last week, I had a major stress attack about the new class. Even this week I feel like I'm just barely "getting" programing using Visual Basic. Also last week I turned in an assignment and got a 70% on it, which is a C-. :Luckily he allowed me to re submit the assignment, which I received a grade of 85% on. The last assignment of last week I got an 'A' one. As unsure of how to program I am, it turns out that I'm getting an 'A' overall in the class. I just feel like I'm winging it. Guess that's working though LOL

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Wednesday, September 14

This school week so far

...has been a stressful one since starting the new class (Web Design Techniques). Our first assignment for the week is about Microsoft Visual Studio, visual basic specifically, creating an "order entry application" using Visual Basic. 1st problem I've had: I don't have any Windows Visual Basic program to install on my computer. 2nd problem: The site the school sent me to, to download the program, has it, but the download just error's out. So no download. I downloaded a 30-day free trial of Windows Visual Studio 2010 Express yesterday, thinking I could get a little of the homework done. The textbook for the course teaches "VB 2005", which is different (I think) then VB 2010 Express, so I am totally unsure that what I'm trying to do is even possible with what I downloaded & installed. I talked to a support person at my school about not being able to download the program that the textbook says I need, but he knew nothing about any such site. I kept trying with a different browser, but the download failed the same way with it too. I digress, sorry.
So anyway, I happen to be on a Facebook group with other Missouri ITT Tech graduates and students whom I told about my download issues. It was suggested that I go to a site called Microsoft DreamSpark, where students can get free downloads of software after they verify they are a student. It doesn't take long to get verified as long as you use a school (.edu) email address from one of the schools they list that qualifies for the program. So anyway, I'm in the process of downloading Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 but it's taking some time since it's a 2.19 GB download that is 25% (532 MB) d.loaded so far. We only have a 1.5M DSL connection that 4 people share, and one of those people is an online video gamer.
Anywho, I got side-tracked again. Back to the school issues this week. Besides not having a program that I need, I'm a little stressed out because when I read the assignments for the week it seems like they're geared toward people who have at least a little experience with Visual Basic and/or coding, which I have zero, and it's already Wednesday afternoon/early evening and I have none of the homework done. Granted they're not due until Sunday night, but I got used to having one class's homework completely done by mid week, and most of the other class's. So being mid week with none of it done is causing me to wig-out. One more thing... I don't feel a connection with the instructor for this class. I sent him emails using the school email system on Monday around noon about my software issues but didn't hear anything back from him until this morning. He sent an announcement on Monday saying that he'd be in his office for a couple of hours on Mondays and Wednesdays. He said that he'll monitor his school email when he's not in his office though. I feel intimidated since in another introduction-announcement he told how he has something like 15 years (or more) of engineering and programming experience and I've go NO programming experience whatsoever.
Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 10

Trippin' Home From Buffalo, MO in Sep.2011

Just thought you'd like to see more than a road/highway while riding with us. - - Watch on YouTube at

Buffalo, MO. Celtic Faire 2011 byTodd

On Youtube:

Mango and Latte sleeping weirdly

This is a short picture-video of the title-mentioned cats sleeping weirdly :)

Friday, September 9


I have been on summer break from college for the last two weeks. The 1st week was officially still a school-week, but I had done everything required for the 2 courses so there was really nothing that I needed to do, so I took a break for life. This week is the 2nd week and we're (ITT) in between quarters so there were no classes, at least not online for me. Starting Monday (9-12-11) I begin 2 more classes, possibly only 1. The class that I may have to take (college mathematics 1) is a class that I have already completed and was given a 'transfer credit' for. I called the school this afternoon and asked why, if I'm going to be required to, do I need to re-take the class. The only reason I can consider would be because the year I completed *that* course was in 1983 from the college ITT Tech *says* I got the credit from. I say, "says" because I only did basic math and a psychology class at that college, whereas from the college I took college algebra at is a different college in a different state. ITT says I got credit for composition from Pikes Peak Community College. Although I had taken a 'technical writing' course there, the most recent was the 'college algebra' which I got an 'A' for. Anyway, the support person I talked to at ITT was going to send a query to the registrar to look into whether or not I will be required to take that math class, then they're supposed to call me afterward. Still waiting for that call. No biggie, I plan on being home all day.
Yesterday I finished the last yard mow of the season, I think. Granted it's only September. You know weather, it could change and the grass could grow enough for 1 more. I'm not expecting that to happen though. Call it a hunch.
A couple (few?) days ago I got out the electric weed-eater and also the small-branch cutter for some too-thick-for-the-weed-eater-cord weeds. While I was whacking the weeds I just happen to look up and saw a beautiful 'Orb Weaver' spider and her/his web. Of course I came in and got the camera. The following pictures (already full size) are of said spider.


I was trying to get a picture from below as a face-shot, but couldn't contort well enough.

sept2011orbwver01.jpg sept2011orbwver02.jpg

No sure why there seems to be 2 of the same picture with different backgrounds.
An enlarged view of the picture(s) just above this one.
Todays happenings, other than talking to the college was just your average chores. Vacuumed, load of laundry, shower, litter box clean, and computer play with music on. Tonight it appears as though we plan on going to The Celtic Festival's 'calling of the clans' in Buffalo, MO. Tomorrow we go back to the same place for the paid version of the festival in which many vendors and Irish athletes will perform. Here's a link to last year's calling of the clan's video , another video-link from the 2010 lighting of the firepit for the calling of said clans, and a video of us walking from the car to the fields at which the festival was in, in 2010.

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Driving betwixt Lebanon and Long Lane Missouri USA - YouTube

This is the twistiest stretch of Hwy. 32 on the way to Long Lane from Lebanon, Missouri, USA

Driving betwixt Lebanon and Long Lane Missouri USA - YouTube

*I do not own nor claim any rights whatsoever for the music playing during this video. It's Beethoven's Symphony No. 9"

Saturday, September 3

Playing with backgrounds, banners and words

Okay. I was going to post just the below picture things, knowing that what I should include is something a bit more substantial if you will. Today there is no NFL football on any of the channels that we receive through our Digital Television Box. It's really not that big of a deal. It's not like I can't find anything to do that I'd probably be doing anyway while watching football. So, TV is still off so we're listening to Internet radio via Accuradio dot com on the Classic Rock Channel.

I could be playing with the program Adobe Dreamweaver, practicing building web sites. The problem is that I don't have anywhere to upload a test site to, to test it. However, I am pretty sure I could use 'local:host' (?) which is this computer, as a server. I'm just not sure what to put on a test site and or page. Perhaps I could work on a page for after I graduate, offering profession web sites. After Rain gets a degree in hair cutting I could plug her business. I could make a site advertising both, even 3 things if my 18/19 year old daughter gets a degree in Pastry cooking. If we ever get to a city closer than an hour away where she could work in a hair salon, I could advertise that too. You see, I'm having trouble "advertising the future" for some reason. One could say I've lost the ability to dream/think big/look forward to better times. I don't know. Perhaps I just need an attitude adjustment, which I suppose wouldn't hurt even if I didn't technically need-need it. LOL.
banner again
banner 3
Banner 1
banner 2
Homeade Desktop

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Friday, September 2

HOME on 9.44 acres 4 sale

Inexpensive home and acrerage for sale

* You can also get high speed (1.5 Mbps) DSL

* Lots of trees (fruit, nut, etc)

* Ask for details in a 'comment' and we will give them.

Thursday, September 1

Utterly baffled :(

I spent the last two days getting the hoses installed under the bathroom sink so that they don't leak. I went, grabbed a bar of soap from the kitchen. Got to the bathroom, turned on the hot water and there was just a trickle. Turned on the cold water, also a trickle. With them both on? Yep, just a trickle. What the fuck?! I checked every other faucet in the house and their pressures are fine. I don't get it :-( Any ideas? I'll take the damn thing apart tomorrow because it's too damn hot in the bathroom, plus I get dizzy and nauseous if I have to get in and out from under the sink.

Baffled, confused and frustrated in Missouri