Thursday, September 1

Utterly baffled :(

I spent the last two days getting the hoses installed under the bathroom sink so that they don't leak. I went, grabbed a bar of soap from the kitchen. Got to the bathroom, turned on the hot water and there was just a trickle. Turned on the cold water, also a trickle. With them both on? Yep, just a trickle. What the fuck?! I checked every other faucet in the house and their pressures are fine. I don't get it :-( Any ideas? I'll take the damn thing apart tomorrow because it's too damn hot in the bathroom, plus I get dizzy and nauseous if I have to get in and out from under the sink.

Baffled, confused and frustrated in Missouri


Todd said...

Obviously I know it's a clog. I also know it's in the $10 Walmart faucet. It's just frustrating. I literally and stupidly made myself sick in the bathroom heat trying to fix it for hours yesterday, only to have it clog today. That's all I'm really saying. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a drag, dude. I hate it when crap like that happens.
We had to replace our kitchen faucet last year. The flow is not right, more than a trickle but very low flow, no pressure at all. We have never been able to figure out why. We did not replace the under hoses and first, then we did, no help, we even blew out the line with air. And the faucet can put out more pressure and volume; we know this because occasional air bubbles in the line blast the water out in front of them.
I feel for you--good luck.

Todd said...

Thanks. It's done. There was a tiny piece of (I'm guessing) rubber lodged in the tiny hole right before the aerator and screen-filter go on. Took the whole thing apart, every piece that could be taken off, was. It's still not the greatest pressure, but then there never has been a lot. At least now I could rinse my razor off should I ever decide to shave again, plus hand washing is doable now. It only took me 1 hr. 45 minutes this time :)