Monday, September 26

Follow-up on Potential breakthrough

Just wanted to ad an addendum, also known as a P.S.? Anyway, I just decided that I'm not going to let school rule my life. I'm going back to how I originally started. I started with a schedule of how long to do things like reading the textbook, class online, and now programming. Even my time while at the computer doing my own things is going to be on a schedule. Reading the textbook will be done in 30 minute increments, then a 5 or so minute break, then read for another 30 minutes. Being online at the 'classroom' is also going to be in 30/5 time tables. As a matter of fact, I think I'll do the 30/5 whenever I'm on the computer doing anything (personal or school). Last week was just stressful. Last evening I just decided that I'm not going to let school/stress kill my ass. I simply have got to remember one reason I need to stay on SSD is because I have MS, and stress is Horrible to MS sufferers, especially the stressed out kind I was a couple of weeks ago. That obviously happened, but I knew/know better and should've "taken a chill pill" before the exacerbation (MS flare-up). Okay, I'm all better now. Later, Tater!

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Lee said...

Glad you have such a good plan!