Saturday, September 3

Playing with backgrounds, banners and words

Okay. I was going to post just the below picture things, knowing that what I should include is something a bit more substantial if you will. Today there is no NFL football on any of the channels that we receive through our Digital Television Box. It's really not that big of a deal. It's not like I can't find anything to do that I'd probably be doing anyway while watching football. So, TV is still off so we're listening to Internet radio via Accuradio dot com on the Classic Rock Channel.

I could be playing with the program Adobe Dreamweaver, practicing building web sites. The problem is that I don't have anywhere to upload a test site to, to test it. However, I am pretty sure I could use 'local:host' (?) which is this computer, as a server. I'm just not sure what to put on a test site and or page. Perhaps I could work on a page for after I graduate, offering profession web sites. After Rain gets a degree in hair cutting I could plug her business. I could make a site advertising both, even 3 things if my 18/19 year old daughter gets a degree in Pastry cooking. If we ever get to a city closer than an hour away where she could work in a hair salon, I could advertise that too. You see, I'm having trouble "advertising the future" for some reason. One could say I've lost the ability to dream/think big/look forward to better times. I don't know. Perhaps I just need an attitude adjustment, which I suppose wouldn't hurt even if I didn't technically need-need it. LOL.
banner again
banner 3
Banner 1
banner 2
Homeade Desktop

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Anonymous said...

The second and fifth banner, both that say"Welcome to Todd's World," I fond very hard to read; the font on the fifth one in particular is really hard to pick out from the background.
So, DD is going for pastry chef? Nummy.

Todd said...

The banners in general are really in the 900x120 pixel range when they are full size. I don't know why, but for some reason, at least on My Firefox, when I click on images in mine or anyone Else's pages, they don't get as big as I expect they should.

As for Angelica, yes, if we/she ever move to a city where she can go to a baking/cooking school that's what she'd like to do.

James Smith said...

Really nice and interactive banners for web masters, i just love it. Thanks for sharing

James Smith from Tech Reviews Blog