Wednesday, September 21

Unexpected results

If you remember last week, I had a major stress attack about the new class. Even this week I feel like I'm just barely "getting" programing using Visual Basic. Also last week I turned in an assignment and got a 70% on it, which is a C-. :Luckily he allowed me to re submit the assignment, which I received a grade of 85% on. The last assignment of last week I got an 'A' one. As unsure of how to program I am, it turns out that I'm getting an 'A' overall in the class. I just feel like I'm winging it. Guess that's working though LOL

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Lee said...

flying high on those "wings" Todd! Great work!

Anonymous said...

Good god man, increase your font size!
I hate classes that I feel like I don't know what I am doing yet for some mysterious reason am getting a decent grade. I do not feel confident in moving on to the next level nor do I feel confident in the instructor or others in that field of study. Think about it; if someone is getting an "A" in a class that he or she feels like they have no clue as to what they are doing, and "A" means exceptional work, and most people pass with less than an "A." Doesn't that kind of make ya feel like the majority of people in said field probably has no clue as to what they are doing? That kind of situation makes *me* feel Like that anyway. But then I have found I am not big on trusting that most people know what they are doing anymore anyway.
Good luck with the class.