Tuesday, June 26

Air conditioning & pool

AC filter changed and unit set to 79* F (was @ 80 to save money). And... no snail-mail is good snail-mail :-) Might go swimming in a bit since there is NO ONE at the pool. *shrug*


Thanks for asking. Here's the link...

Monday, June 25

Things done/to do


To do:

  1. Breakfast cooked & eaten.
  2. Laundry (towels) washing.
  3. Dishwasher unloaded.
  4. Living room, kitchen & master bedroom vacuumed.
  5. Teeth brushed.
  6. Face shaved.
  7. A bill paid.
  8. Litter boxes (2) cleaned.
  9. Medicine taken
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Check snail-mail.
  • Front office for daily tea & cookies.
  • Tennis?
  • Billiards?
  • Swimming?
  • Hot tub?
  • Check email
  • Check Facebook
  • Read school textbook exercises
  • Do class exercises (Flash)
  • Finish towel-laundry.
  • Check okcupid

Everything else will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Have a great day.


Thursday, June 21

Busy week (tennis, swimming, doctors, mall)

It's been a very busy week so far. For one, I started a new college class on Monday (Interactive Web Animation). The textbooks is written for students who have Flash Professional CS5. Unfortunately, none of the students have that version yet. The files that the lesson plans were made with won't open in the CS4 version. I, and other students contacted the instructor, who then contacted the school, then wrote to us that we would be receiving a Suite which included Flash Pro CS5. He said that if we needed more details then we should call student support at the school, which I did. Unfortunately for us students, I was told by Student Support that they didn't know anything about that, would do some research to find out what was going on and then call me back. That was mid afternoon on Wednesday. It's now late evening on Thursday and I have not gotten any calls from the school. I wrote to the teacher and told him what I was told. He gave my the email address from the person he got the information from and said to write to that guy, which I did a little while ago. It mostly likely,y will not be until Friday some time before I heard anything. Meanwhile, in order to open the files in the lesson plans, I found, downloaded, and have been using a later version on a 'free trial' basis (4 weeks). The class only last for 6 weeks, so if I didn't get the new package, I'd still be able to do the homework. I will be writing to the teacher to make sure he can open files written in the newer version so that he can grade them. I would imagine so; doesn't hurt to ask though.

On Monday I had an appointment with a different Skin Treatment doctor about a spot of skin cancer on my ear. I have an appointment scheduled for next month to get that removed.

Meanwhile, dear daughter has been on 2 dates. 1 last week and one this week. The 2nd one they agreed to meet at the mall, so I drove her there and then walked around with my dear 16 year old son for an hour and a half while she did the same with her companion. In case you're wondering, neither of her dates had a spark so there won't be 2nd dates with either. The mall was on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday afternoon, dear son, dear daughter and I went to another park and played tennis for a little over hour. We were getting pretty tired, then it started to sprinkle rain, so we came home. Then on Wednesday, my DD and I went to a pool at a park with other home educators and had a good time. After the pool, by the time DD & I got home, the chili we started before leaving for said pool wasn't done yet, so I treated the kids and I to Jack in The Box. Today we got together at another homeschooler's home where her and her husband invited us (and the other homeschoolers in the group) to eat pizza, chips, spaghetti and brownies, and to swim in their in-ground pool. since I had a doctor appointment this afternoon to get a few spots of skin cancer frozen, we didn't get to their place until 4:30. We left there at 6:45 getting home by around a quarter after 7 or so. Got home in plenty of time to watch game #6 of the NBA championship series between The Oklahoma City Thunder and The Miami Heat. So far Miami has had a large lead the entire game (up to 25). OKC is still fighting, but there's only 6 minutes and 24 seconds remaining in the game and they're still 20 points behind. Miami won! Congrats! I was rooting for OKC because they were underdogs and live closer to us.

Plus DD & I have worked-out at the apartment's gym, swam in the pool here, as well as sat in the hot tub. Tomorrow (Friday), I don't think that we have anything planned, though I need to get the oil in the car changed. Probably do that, but not much else, except do some more schoolwork so that I have the three assignments done before Sunday @ 10:59 PM (CST).

Other than that stuff, it's been same ol, same ol. *snicker*


Tuesday, June 19

Sunday, June 17

Being clean/neat even without money

Okay, so here's what I just do NOT understand about people. Why does it seem that so many people who are financially challenged just don't give a crap about keeping the trash around their place of residence clean picked up? I've been mostly lower income my entire life ($26K was my highest paid year), but I've never thought that being poor was a good excuse to be a lazy slob and leave trash laying around my house, apartment, car, etc. What ever happened to the philosophy of leaving a place as you found it or even better than you found it? It just annoys me when I see trash that probably fell out of a car door when a person got out, that is just left on the ground with apparently no thought of picking it up. *grr*


Thursday, June 7

Blanton Art Museum

This afternoon my DD and I decided to get some culture. In order to do that, we went to the Blanton Art Museum in downtown Austin, TX. Because today is Thursday and on Thursdays the admission is free, was a big drawing point for us. I didn't take very many pictures. I did take ones that we thought were the best. That's kind of misleading though, because there were A LOT of really good paintings, photographs, sculptures, and displays. We spent two hours walking, talking, and looking. I don't know why, but I couldn't shake the sad feeling I had while looking. It could've been because it was around 3 p.m when we got there and we hadn't eaten anything since 11 a.m. Other than that, it was pretty cool.

Here are the four pictures I took. Hope you like them.

Artwork at the Blanton Museum in Austin, TX
This was on the wall beside the stairs we went up to get into the exhibit.
Artwork at the Blanton Museum in Austin, TX
This is just a HUGE painting, so I had to get a picture of it.
Artwork at the Blanton Museum in Austin, TX
I just really liked this one. Can't remember what it was named.
Artwork at the Blanton Museum in Austin, TX
This isn't a painting, it's more like needle work?

Playing with JavaScript alert boxes

You should get 2 pop-up boxes. One says, "Hello." the 2nd one asks, "How are you?" You can either answer as a comment, or not at all. I'm once again just playing with JavaScript. :-)


Wednesday, June 6

Swimming and spaghetti

spaghetti holder


The above picture is not what it appears to be. In other words, it's not holding candy. Instead, because we bought a resealable bag of spaghetti since we don't have a storage container for said pasta, it is holding approximately 5 pounds of the noodly stuff. Just last week we finished off a big jar of dill pickles so that we'd have something to put the flour that was in a paper bag into. This week we bought another big jar of dill pickles. When it's empty, washed, rinsed and dried, it'll contain the white sugar that we're not "supposed" to eat (our choice/low carbing). So if you're close by and feeling the need to munch on a dill pickle, feel free to stop and we'll give you as many as you want. LOL.


Garrison pool in Austin, TX

Wednesdays are our 'park' days, each week for our group of home schoolers. Since it's getting into the 90's (Fahrenheit) on a regular basis now, we changed those days to 'pool' days and today was one of them. So a few of us met at the Garrison Pool here in Austin. It's a really nice one, and really long. I don't know if it's bigger than or the same size as an Olympic pool, but it was the longest non-river pool I've ever been in. It had a diving board that I jumped off of once. The rest of the time, I hung with Angelica and a few of the other unschoolers we know. If any of you read this... yes, I actually remember your names, but since you didn't give (nor did I ask for) permission to me to share them, I'm not telling who you are. You're welcome. LOL. The price or admission is good ($3.00 per adult). Since the person who took my money only saw that my 19 year old daughter was smaller and younger and said, "One adult and one child?", I of course said yes. It only cost me $4 vs. $6 for the two of us.