Sunday, June 17

Being clean/neat even without money

Okay, so here's what I just do NOT understand about people. Why does it seem that so many people who are financially challenged just don't give a crap about keeping the trash around their place of residence clean picked up? I've been mostly lower income my entire life ($26K was my highest paid year), but I've never thought that being poor was a good excuse to be a lazy slob and leave trash laying around my house, apartment, car, etc. What ever happened to the philosophy of leaving a place as you found it or even better than you found it? It just annoys me when I see trash that probably fell out of a car door when a person got out, that is just left on the ground with apparently no thought of picking it up. *grr*


Lee said...

Sadly I am not sure this is confined to people who are financially challenged. I think folks don't see that we all need to work together and be in harmony with the earth. Sigh.

Todd said...

That's probably true. It just seems that the poorer neighborhoods look so unkempt (fancy word alert. lol). Maybe that's because the city spends less money helping them? I get your point though.