Thursday, September 26

Upgrade and Good morning

Good Morning again

Renaissance & Celtic Weddings: My Celtic Renaissance Wedding

Renaissance & Celtic Weddings: My Celtic Renaissance Wedding

* I just happened to stumble across this about a Celtic wedding and thought maybe someone, somewhere in the world, the universe and/or the great beyond, would find it interesting too. We're allegedly all connected. So for some unknown reason you're here now, and I appreciate that. I really do. I'm serious. Are you now thinking, "What the fuck is he talking about?" Give it time. LOL

Saturday, September 21

Not home anymore

This felt a lot different living there, than it does looking at it from above.

It's picture time (cat and stuff)

Took some pictures and want to show them off. That and I don't have a clue as to
any fancy words to type.
Twitch got herself a new collar. She seems to be getting 'cabin fever', so I'm going to take her for at least one walk. Then  she'll remember that she doesn't really like it outdoors.

This is not long after the collar was put on. I think she's getting used to it. The walk might be a different story. Like most of us, she doesn/t like being led around.
She's a very serious cat. Hence why she's often not one that 'plays' much.

 Speaking of playing, this is the toy I bought her a couple of weeks a go, She'll only play with the string, if someone will play with her.
This is what bought for my UN-birthday today. It makes one cup at a time, which keeps me from over dosing.
But I do have this filter for some decaf if I just have to have coffee. Yes, it does happen. I love it that much!

Good night!

Tuesday, September 17

Nighty nite

Gotta get some sleep. 6 hours of sleep in 2 parts over the last 24 just isn't enough, but I'm going to make it work if it's the last thing I do. That's weird. Don't even know what I meant (if anything) or what the message I'm making is being perceived. Just tired, I guess. :) Just wanted to say...

Good night!

Friday, September 13

3 videos on Friday The Thirteenth, 2013, by Todd

This is obviously the first one.
2nd one of 3. This one has Eldin, just after he woke-up and turned his computer on. He's not one with whom you can get any talking from until he's been up for quite a while.
And this is the last one for today. It's mostly about coffee, the cat, and a tv show.

Watch on YouTube

updated at 1.38 am

Please stay tuned...

Because you just know that you've often wondered, "I wonder how Todd lives". I don't know if it's idea in this day and age to share really personal doings (for lack of a better word). Anyway, I made a video earlier this  morning and will share it with you and the rest of the world. Not until I finish watching Fringe, or maybe I should eat then share. Crap, I don't know. I do know that my stomach gurgled. Hunger gurgle?

Saturday, September 7

Proof of a Better Solution

What that was in my experience learned was, was basically using an ear flusher after putting in the ear drops and waiting for about 5, 10 minutes, is a good thing. Who'd a thunk, right? ;-D. It now feels like my ear is clean. First time in years. This, again just me, was much more effective than the ole shower head rinse. The only thing is the ringing, but I've learned how to deal with that. So it's all good.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment. :)

Thursday, September 5

Hearing returned today :-)

Thought I would let you know that my hearing finally returned to me today. While I was on my way home I finally got whatever was talking the full message, to disappear. still have the ring though, lucky me, eh? LOL

Wednesday, September 4

Wednesday speak

          Yeah, I know it's weird looking. (no pun intended) I was just playing with my video camera right before I left for my appointment with a neurologist because I had a few minutes to kill.

          Speaking of my visit with a neurologist, it was just a follow-up since I started a new medication. He just wanted to make sure I wasn't having any problems with it. I'm not. I am however having a problem with ringing in my right ear that started after I dunked my head in my bath water for a minute last week. I told him that and he said, "Don't do that." and chuckled. Funny guy! Anyway, he was also told, by me, that I used some ear wax removal and got a bunch of wax out over the weekend.  That I think that because I didn't get it all out my ear stays ringing, loudly. He doesn't think that wax buildup is why it's still ringing, rather he thinks that my MS is affecting the nerves in that ear. I will just keep washing the ear out as best I can with the solution and hope it stops ringing as loudly and returns to being able to hear normally. I'd rather not have to spend more money to visit my primary care physician, but will if it lasts until next week.

In other news... I finished watching all 4 seasons of Fringe on Netflix yesterday. I read online that they're going to have season 5 available to watch starting on September 12th. They had already started showing it, but apparently got into trouble because they didn't have the proper rights from the television company beforehand. Oopsie!

Sunday, September 1

Random pictures

This one is the side of the building across the parking lot while sitting on our porch
at night using a phone-camera without a flash.

If you click on any picture, you'll see an enlarged view of it, I hope.

The same view as the picture above, just during the day.
From the same porch as the above 2 pictures, just looking to the right during the day.
This is just a picture of all the medicine and vitamins that I take every day, in one gulp with liquid.