Saturday, September 21

It's picture time (cat and stuff)

Took some pictures and want to show them off. That and I don't have a clue as to
any fancy words to type.
Twitch got herself a new collar. She seems to be getting 'cabin fever', so I'm going to take her for at least one walk. Then  she'll remember that she doesn't really like it outdoors.

This is not long after the collar was put on. I think she's getting used to it. The walk might be a different story. Like most of us, she doesn/t like being led around.
She's a very serious cat. Hence why she's often not one that 'plays' much.

 Speaking of playing, this is the toy I bought her a couple of weeks a go, She'll only play with the string, if someone will play with her.
This is what bought for my UN-birthday today. It makes one cup at a time, which keeps me from over dosing.
But I do have this filter for some decaf if I just have to have coffee. Yes, it does happen. I love it that much!

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