Wednesday, September 4

Wednesday speak

          Yeah, I know it's weird looking. (no pun intended) I was just playing with my video camera right before I left for my appointment with a neurologist because I had a few minutes to kill.

          Speaking of my visit with a neurologist, it was just a follow-up since I started a new medication. He just wanted to make sure I wasn't having any problems with it. I'm not. I am however having a problem with ringing in my right ear that started after I dunked my head in my bath water for a minute last week. I told him that and he said, "Don't do that." and chuckled. Funny guy! Anyway, he was also told, by me, that I used some ear wax removal and got a bunch of wax out over the weekend.  That I think that because I didn't get it all out my ear stays ringing, loudly. He doesn't think that wax buildup is why it's still ringing, rather he thinks that my MS is affecting the nerves in that ear. I will just keep washing the ear out as best I can with the solution and hope it stops ringing as loudly and returns to being able to hear normally. I'd rather not have to spend more money to visit my primary care physician, but will if it lasts until next week.

In other news... I finished watching all 4 seasons of Fringe on Netflix yesterday. I read online that they're going to have season 5 available to watch starting on September 12th. They had already started showing it, but apparently got into trouble because they didn't have the proper rights from the television company beforehand. Oopsie!


They are not aware said...

I liked Fringe but didn't get to see much of it, I think I found it in the 3rd season, it was at least the 2nd, and by the time I started figuring out the characters and really following the story, Fox went bye-bye around here.
Ringing in the ear is not associated with wax build up. Damage to the cilia from loud noises is the most common cause but there are other things that can cause it, wax is not one of them, if anything it deadens sound. I notice a ringing sometimes when I feel pain somewhere (else) and it changes as the pain changes. For an example, if I have a torn nail that has caught on something so it tears a bit into the skin, if I tug on the nail the ringing gets sharper as the pain gets sharper. And yes I really did this to check my pain/ringing in my ears theory. Husband's ringing seems to get worse as his pain gets worse too but he still looks at me a bit weird when I relate the two.

Todd said...

I should mention that sound is muted. I just answered th doctors question of "any loss of hearing" as 'no', because I was thinking 'I don't it's permanent because it's wax'. I *should* have said "yes". I'm an idiot!