Monday, July 31

Cappuccino and Lottery Ticket

Monday, July 31, 2017 - 2:27 PM

     Got up today and decided to be different than I had been, and shaved my neck and face first thing. Then I went to the kitchen and washed the bowl that I had chips in last night (I had forgot it after sitting it on the kitchen table), and the coffee cup I had on the kitchen counter. Oh, wait, before I washed any dishes, I had to put away the previous batch of washed dishes, otherwise there would’ve been no room in the drainer. Yes, I know that a bowl and cup don’t take up much room, but there was a large pan, colander, and big bowl taking up all the room.
     I am debating whether to make a pot of coffee (decaff) or drive to the store and just buy a large cappuccino (caffeinated because the store doesn’t have decaff cappuccinos). Yes, easier to make a pot of coffee here (and a *little* less expensive), but it would be good to get out of the house, plus I could get another lottery ticket. It’s more to get out than anything, as I don’t expect to win the lottery. One could ask, “If you don’t believe you’ll win, why bother with buying a ticket?” That is a very good question, knowing that the odds of winning are HUGE. Honestly (lying just pisses everyone off anyway), it’s just something to do, and miracles sometimes happen, I hope, right? Plus I can say that I tried. OK, I’ve decided, I’m going to go for the cappuccino!

Saturday, July 29

Saturday plans

Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 12:32 PM

I awoke early (10 AM) for our weekly Saturday chat with a few of my MS support group friends. I really have no major plans for today. I think I will run to The Corner Market and look for a caffeine free cappuccino. It was suggested to me that I get a vanilla flavored one. When I do on the rare occasion get one, it’s usually a Hazelnut flavored one, but change is good, right? Speaking of plans, I’ve been thinking that I should go ahead and shave my neck and face so that I look presentable at daughter’s wedding. I do have a couple of weeks before that happens, but I’ve been feeling scruffy, so I’m going to do it soon, most likely today.

It’s already 94 degrees Fahrenheit out there, so I should probably get to the store before it gets any hotter. The forecast says the high will be 100 here.  Austin and Houston, TX are east of me and they’re both in a heat advisory right now.

Friday, July 28

Cooling vest and show ending

Friday, July 28, 2017 - 3:11 PM

OK, so, here I am again. Isn’t that the way a song begins? If not, it should be. Anyway, just got back from the store and man am I fatigued from just walking back and forth to the car in the heat. I know, I coulda/wouldda/shoulda wore my cooling vest. But, honestly, it seems like too effing much work to put it on when I am only going to be wearing it for a brief amount of time that I’m not in the car with the air conditioning running, and then back home with the same. Then again, maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t be as fatigued when I got home. I don’t know.

Before we went and got “just a few things” from the store, we went to Mickey D’s for brunch. I’m such a slow eater anymore, or my son is a speed-eater. Either way, I didn’t finish until 10 minutes after he did. A little bit of the time issue is that at the beginning I was having electric shocks in my mouth for a few bites, so even after they stop, I’m cautious and eat slow just in case they start back up.

I finished with the show “Orange is the new Black” yesterday. I think it was good as far as series endings go. I didn’t like the last season though. It just felt like “The Riot” was dragging on and on ad nauseam. I was tempted to stop watching about half way through, but I knew it was the last season, so I pushed through.