Monday, July 31

Cappuccino and Lottery Ticket

Monday, July 31, 2017 - 2:27 PM

     Got up today and decided to be different than I had been, and shaved my neck and face first thing. Then I went to the kitchen and washed the bowl that I had chips in last night (I had forgot it after sitting it on the kitchen table), and the coffee cup I had on the kitchen counter. Oh, wait, before I washed any dishes, I had to put away the previous batch of washed dishes, otherwise there would’ve been no room in the drainer. Yes, I know that a bowl and cup don’t take up much room, but there was a large pan, colander, and big bowl taking up all the room.
     I am debating whether to make a pot of coffee (decaff) or drive to the store and just buy a large cappuccino (caffeinated because the store doesn’t have decaff cappuccinos). Yes, easier to make a pot of coffee here (and a *little* less expensive), but it would be good to get out of the house, plus I could get another lottery ticket. It’s more to get out than anything, as I don’t expect to win the lottery. One could ask, “If you don’t believe you’ll win, why bother with buying a ticket?” That is a very good question, knowing that the odds of winning are HUGE. Honestly (lying just pisses everyone off anyway), it’s just something to do, and miracles sometimes happen, I hope, right? Plus I can say that I tried. OK, I’ve decided, I’m going to go for the cappuccino!

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