Friday, July 28

Cooling vest and show ending

Friday, July 28, 2017 - 3:11 PM

OK, so, here I am again. Isn’t that the way a song begins? If not, it should be. Anyway, just got back from the store and man am I fatigued from just walking back and forth to the car in the heat. I know, I coulda/wouldda/shoulda wore my cooling vest. But, honestly, it seems like too effing much work to put it on when I am only going to be wearing it for a brief amount of time that I’m not in the car with the air conditioning running, and then back home with the same. Then again, maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t be as fatigued when I got home. I don’t know.

Before we went and got “just a few things” from the store, we went to Mickey D’s for brunch. I’m such a slow eater anymore, or my son is a speed-eater. Either way, I didn’t finish until 10 minutes after he did. A little bit of the time issue is that at the beginning I was having electric shocks in my mouth for a few bites, so even after they stop, I’m cautious and eat slow just in case they start back up.

I finished with the show “Orange is the new Black” yesterday. I think it was good as far as series endings go. I didn’t like the last season though. It just felt like “The Riot” was dragging on and on ad nauseam. I was tempted to stop watching about half way through, but I knew it was the last season, so I pushed through.


They are not aware said...

Oh my gosh! A post!
Wear your cooling vest when you go to the store. Really.
I think you eating slow is a good idea.It is better for your health as well as less chance of mouth pain.
As far as Orange is the New Black, I haven't watched it so no comment.

Todd said...

I hear ya, maybe if I just don't fill it up all the way (vest), it won't be so heavy, but still help.

That's why I don't worry about eating quickly anymore.

It was pretty good, up until the last season.

They are not aware said...

I *now* have a comment on Orange is the New Black.
Season 5 is not the end of the show, it is to have a season 6.
Still not watching. Part of the reason for that is it hasn't finished its run yet; I have had it with waiting for episodes, I only watch series that have concluded before I start. There are 2 shows that are grandfathered in that I watch which haven't ended their run, Doctor Who (began in 1963) and Days of Our Lives (began in 1965).
I can't wait for Game of Thrones last season (coming soon) even though many fans will be upset when it ends I will happily binge watch my way through without having to wait for the next season to be released.

Todd said...

Oh, I did think the O is the new B was done, although the end of seas. 5 ended in a cliff-hanger. I shall eventually return to viewing it, but I would like to wait for it to truly be over so I can binge watch it.