Wednesday, June 6

Swimming and spaghetti

spaghetti holder


The above picture is not what it appears to be. In other words, it's not holding candy. Instead, because we bought a resealable bag of spaghetti since we don't have a storage container for said pasta, it is holding approximately 5 pounds of the noodly stuff. Just last week we finished off a big jar of dill pickles so that we'd have something to put the flour that was in a paper bag into. This week we bought another big jar of dill pickles. When it's empty, washed, rinsed and dried, it'll contain the white sugar that we're not "supposed" to eat (our choice/low carbing). So if you're close by and feeling the need to munch on a dill pickle, feel free to stop and we'll give you as many as you want. LOL.


Garrison pool in Austin, TX

Wednesdays are our 'park' days, each week for our group of home schoolers. Since it's getting into the 90's (Fahrenheit) on a regular basis now, we changed those days to 'pool' days and today was one of them. So a few of us met at the Garrison Pool here in Austin. It's a really nice one, and really long. I don't know if it's bigger than or the same size as an Olympic pool, but it was the longest non-river pool I've ever been in. It had a diving board that I jumped off of once. The rest of the time, I hung with Angelica and a few of the other unschoolers we know. If any of you read this... yes, I actually remember your names, but since you didn't give (nor did I ask for) permission to me to share them, I'm not telling who you are. You're welcome. LOL. The price or admission is good ($3.00 per adult). Since the person who took my money only saw that my 19 year old daughter was smaller and younger and said, "One adult and one child?", I of course said yes. It only cost me $4 vs. $6 for the two of us.


They are not aware said...

We have an over-abundance of pickle jars; I wish it were more cost effective to send them.
What is E up to if not going to the park/pool days with you?

Todd said...

He wakes up a little before we leave (he's up most of the night), then he watches videos online, reads online books, or plays online games. I don't know what he really does after we leave. :-)

On Wednesday evenings we usually play a family game (Roll the pigs or a Wii game) together, but we forgot tonight.