Thursday, June 7

Playing with JavaScript alert boxes

You should get 2 pop-up boxes. One says, "Hello." the 2nd one asks, "How are you?" You can either answer as a comment, or not at all. I'm once again just playing with JavaScript. :-)


Angelica said...

I'm pretty good :D

Todd said...

Awesome. Thanks for the comment.

Alyx said...

Today, I choose to be happy. :-)

They are not aware said...

I tried to comment yesterday but the captcha wouldn't come up. I have been having trouble wth Google stuff the last couple days. can't get into my gmail. voice has been on and off. even searches have been painfully slow or not coming up at all (I switched to Bing yesterday).Just another thing I guess.
How am I? I have a sore throat. 3rd day. or 4th? And I am tired today. Yesterday I had more energy. Maybe I should nap.
You did a good job on the pop-up boxes. If I check the check box will they stop popping up when I visit the page? I expected to see a third one when I didn't check it.

Todd said...

Yikes, sorry to hear about your sore throat. I was/am a little tired today too, which is why I went and laid down for an hour. Didn't sleep, but rested, I guess.

If you check the box (you're using Firefox?) I *think* it will just stopped any more boxes from popping up, but I don't know for sure. I may have to undo the JavaScript because *for me* every page that loads on my blog causes those pop-ups to appear. *shrug*