Friday, September 9


I have been on summer break from college for the last two weeks. The 1st week was officially still a school-week, but I had done everything required for the 2 courses so there was really nothing that I needed to do, so I took a break for life. This week is the 2nd week and we're (ITT) in between quarters so there were no classes, at least not online for me. Starting Monday (9-12-11) I begin 2 more classes, possibly only 1. The class that I may have to take (college mathematics 1) is a class that I have already completed and was given a 'transfer credit' for. I called the school this afternoon and asked why, if I'm going to be required to, do I need to re-take the class. The only reason I can consider would be because the year I completed *that* course was in 1983 from the college ITT Tech *says* I got the credit from. I say, "says" because I only did basic math and a psychology class at that college, whereas from the college I took college algebra at is a different college in a different state. ITT says I got credit for composition from Pikes Peak Community College. Although I had taken a 'technical writing' course there, the most recent was the 'college algebra' which I got an 'A' for. Anyway, the support person I talked to at ITT was going to send a query to the registrar to look into whether or not I will be required to take that math class, then they're supposed to call me afterward. Still waiting for that call. No biggie, I plan on being home all day.
Yesterday I finished the last yard mow of the season, I think. Granted it's only September. You know weather, it could change and the grass could grow enough for 1 more. I'm not expecting that to happen though. Call it a hunch.
A couple (few?) days ago I got out the electric weed-eater and also the small-branch cutter for some too-thick-for-the-weed-eater-cord weeds. While I was whacking the weeds I just happen to look up and saw a beautiful 'Orb Weaver' spider and her/his web. Of course I came in and got the camera. The following pictures (already full size) are of said spider.


I was trying to get a picture from below as a face-shot, but couldn't contort well enough.

sept2011orbwver01.jpg sept2011orbwver02.jpg

No sure why there seems to be 2 of the same picture with different backgrounds.
An enlarged view of the picture(s) just above this one.
Todays happenings, other than talking to the college was just your average chores. Vacuumed, load of laundry, shower, litter box clean, and computer play with music on. Tonight it appears as though we plan on going to The Celtic Festival's 'calling of the clans' in Buffalo, MO. Tomorrow we go back to the same place for the paid version of the festival in which many vendors and Irish athletes will perform. Here's a link to last year's calling of the clan's video , another video-link from the 2010 lighting of the firepit for the calling of said clans, and a video of us walking from the car to the fields at which the festival was in, in 2010.

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Angelica said...

Good blog post, Love the spider! :)

Todd said...

Thank you. Purr-shur-ate the kudos :)