Sunday, September 7

Latest read novel

I finished a novel by Sandra Brown that goes by the title of “Charade”. It’s about a soap opera star that gets a heart transplant. She becomes a “transplantee”. Then she decides that she wants to start giving, since she received the new heart. So she moves to Houston, TX from Hollywood, hooks-up with a television station and together they begin a program to bring together parents who wish to adopt. But before she got her new heart, someone had to donate one; hence an attack on someone who became brain-dead whose heart was able to be saved for transplantation. After she gets her new heart she also starts getting copies of articles from newspapers across the country showing that people who had gotten new hearts on the same day that she did, who died under mysterious circumstances. There is one theory that they’re from a family member of the deceased, someone who did not want to have their relative’s heart donated but felt pressured to consent. There’s the man she falls in love with whom lost a girlfriend in an automobile accident. There is the lover of the woman whom was murdered by her husband. And of course there was the husband whom murdered his wife when he walked in on her having sex with her lover. I am not going to tell you who wants her dead because of her new heart. You’ll have to read the book.
Anyway, this book made me cry several times. The times when it was talked about not getting to say, “Good-bye” to their loved one, were emotional. I wish that I could have said good-bye to my now deceased wife and knew that she heard me. I just have to hope that she did.


They are not aware said...

You said "good-bye" to her.
*I* believe she heard you.
But the the "good-bye" is for the survivor. The one passing is still a part of our lives and keep track of their loved ones, they have no need for good-bye; it is the survivors that seem to loose contact with the passed ones that need the good-bye.

Todd said...

Ah, okay, that makes sense. Thank you!

Lee said...

I can see why that made you cry. sounds like a good book though. I will look for it on my Kindle when I finish the million pages of Game of Thrones that I am reading! :-)