Monday, March 30

Target practice, Outcome letting go of

Todays printed target

Decided that since the weather was nice today that I would try and sight-in the telescope on our .22 rifle. I started while being approximately 100 feet away, then moved closer to about 20 feet. Unfortunately, the scope is either so far off that I'm going to need a laser-light to hone it, or the wind totally messed with the flying of the bullets. I only tried about 10 times, but NONE of the shots even hit the wood around the target. Actually, couldn't find any bullet holes on the side of the shed at all. Obviously I'm hoping that it was the wind's fault, but who knows!?
Today, prior to the target practice, there was yet another 'sign' of how letting go of an outcome produces positive results. We have some friends whose family decided that they are going to move to the state below us. I had been thinking a lot about it and was trying not to be sad about it, although I'm going to miss them so much. Anyway, last night I just decided out of the blue that they weren't leaving us, they were just moving on, I didn't need to call to say good-bye, and that I was okay with it. This afternoon, after not hearing from them for a few weeks, we get a call from them saying that they had been thinking a lot about us and just decided they needed to call. So once I made the decision to let go, they contacted me. We're going to meet them this week in the park. I'm assuming it mostly to just say Good-bye. There ya go. Synchronicity? Serendipity?

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