Wednesday, March 18

[updated 3-19] Bye-bye kitties, Pineapple

Rocky taking a nap

This Rocky, taking a nap, just like the writing on the picture says. *grin* The reason I chose this particular picture for today is that he'll be going to the shelter today, along with another kitty (Tiger). As soon as I find a picture of her I'll add it to this entry. Oh yeah, I *could* just take a picture, but that would make the search pointless. This is her 4 years ago. She hasn't changed much.


On the other hand, I could and also take an update pic of our Pineapple plant/tree. Don't know if it's going to get bigger, or just juicier. We've never grown one so we're clueless about what to expect.

March 09 pineapple

Took this on 3-19 which I believe is a much better shot
(clicking enlarges)
New as of 3-19-09

Okay, it's time to go, so I'll talk later, maybe :-)

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