Tuesday, November 5

What to do, where to go

     Well, I should probably be going places and asking for moving boxes. Granted it won't take us long to pack, but I suppose it would make the moving situation seem more imminent. I am trying really, really hard not to stress myself or my son out. But the likelihood that he'll be able to find a job by January, that would make our base income enough to stay in this apartment is unlikely. I suppose we could get lucky. If he got *any* job we could *probably* get into a 1 bedroom at this complex without having to come up with a big deposit, since we've been here 2 years come January. With my father in-law helping, we'll be fine until January, but I need to talk with the apartment management and see if his help needs to be official (put in writing), or if my telling them that he says he'll help will be enough (assuming we stay here). It would just bother me to not be able to afford the rent if he couldn't help for some unforeseen reason, that and I feel bad that we'd be depending so much on him. On the other hand, he knows the situation and offered to help, so I suppose I should be thankful for it, which I am, I'm just saying that I don't want it to be a long-term commitment. So once more a decision has to be made about whether to stay in Texas or not. It would only be a 10 hour drive if I moved to Mountain Grove, MO. That's really not too far away from one (or both) of my kids, and it would be back in a rural setting, and there would be great friends fairly close. Or I could go somewhere closer like Burnet, TX, which is only about an hour's drive. Either place would be more affordable on a $1300/month budget. Or I could move back to Colorado, approximately a 13 hour drive, or New Mexico because my mother in-law would like that. I just don't *know* what to do. :-( But here soon a decision must be made. That means that I *really* have to get my 18 year old son so talk with me. *sigh* I suppose we could also look into a 3 bedroom place and put in an ad for a room-mate.
     In other news, my son now has the temporary (paper) state ID and is just waiting for the official, laminated one to come in the mail. We both now know that he can sign his name when he needs to, which I was worried about. He took it upon himself to practice over the weekend, knowing that he'd need to do it yesterday (on Monday). I am proud of him for that!


They are not aware said...

You didn't mention any of this last night. Maybe the moving thing came up today but the ID you could have mentioned. Way to go E!
And yes, you do need to talk to him about the moving situation.

Lee said...

Would it help E to have you write down the options in like columns--then you guys can figure out what is good or bad about each of the choices and pick the one that would work best? LIke colorado might put you close to family, but is the climate good for your medical condition? (i honestly have no idea, just using as an example) Or MO might have better cost of living but you might want to be sure you were in a location where E could find work. He will need to support himself at some point. KWIM? Hang in there, lots of good thoughts.

Todd said...

Sorry I didn't mention the ID thing.

Lee: I will give the list thing a try. And you're right about putting the pro's and cons on a list, having each of us contributing. Maybe then I wouldn't feel the pressure of being the only one making the decision.

me said...

I vote for Colorado. Friends are good but family is better. And I heard that heat causes MS episodes. Just saying...we don't have heat issues here. And if you are looking for rural, well, we're rural. I just think you live too far away. I miss seeing you guys.On another note, some jobs he can apply are bagging groceries or dishwashing. Good luck...write lots of good stuff in the pro column for Colorado.

Todd said...

So much to consider. You're right, "Me" heat is a problem. As long as I'm not in it for long periods. I do okay. AC is my friend!

As for work for Eldin. I'm trying to get him to apply at Target, where Angelica works and could/can put in a good word for him.

They are not aware said...

Gee, don't you think you ought to update this?
Decisions have been made, there is a direction. Besides, writing helps you think.

Todd said...

Yeah, I guess I probably should update this. Thanks for the push.