Wednesday, October 30

A's birthday

Had a really nice time hanging out with my daughter, her BF, and my son at the apartment of said daughter. Her BF made lunch for my son and I. While he did, we sat in the living room and watched 'How I Met Your Mother' on TV. After the food was beginning to digest in our tummies, my daughter commenced on opening her presents on her 21st birthday. After that, we ate some chocolate cake, which was delicious, and something I didn't get pictures of.


They are not aware said...

Oh my gosh! A's BF looks a good deal similar to my ex-stepson-in-law. I mean, it is not him but there are some similarities.
She looks happy.

Lee said...

She looks so happy. BTW I love the artist Pink too! LOL

Todd said...

She says she's very happy. :)