Friday, October 25

The "Maybe" blog post

          You probably remember that at the end of my last entry I said, "Maybe I'll write more later."  Well, this is it! Now all I have to do is write something new. Not as easy as it sounds. Okay, not that difficult either, as I wouldn't have started this post without an idea of something to say.

          I went to the used clothing store a couple of days ago to do something I had never done before... buy a suit jacket (which I didn't find - BTW). Why? Because I thought, mistakenly apparently, that I was going to meet someone for a date. Plus I was kind of wanting something new/spiffy to hang in my closet. I had asked someone on the dating site MeetMe if I could meet her for lunch or something and she said, "I would like that", so I sent her a message asking what a good day would be for me to drive (an hour) there to meet. Unfortunately (?), I didn't get a reply. Not sure if I should send another message asking what has changed because I don't want to sound desperate (which I'm not, just lonely) or seem like a stalker. Judging by a few Christian-like things that she has posted, we probably wouldn't be a good match anyway, but a few other things (with the word "fuck" in them) suggest it could still be possible. Oh well, fuck it! Not feeling particularly compatible with anyone right now anyway. Can't walk worth a damn (I limp, plus there's that 'foot-drop' issue, the dizziness problem, amongst a plethora of other things psychologically (I'm told) MS related, all of which I'm exploring and engaging in solutions [medical and mental] for).

          All right, let's get a little more positive. I got another filling in another tooth this week. I need to get a couple of crowns for 2 root canals. I've needed them for about a month now, but haven't had the money ($600-ish each, which I'll do one at a time in two appointments each, so I can split-up the payments). I got a couple of fillings instead. The dentist is worried that the 2 teeth which need the crowns are in too much jeopardy of either breaking (by eating food that's too hard) or deteriorating.

          Went to Six Flags in San Antonio on Saturday/last weekend with my son, daughter, her boyfriend and his parents. Had a good time watching a couple of concerts. I have a couple of videos with some of each concert which I need  to edit and upload. Plus a few pictures of the whole visit. Anyway, one reason that I'm feeling depressed about going out with anyone is because of the difficulty walking I had at the amusement park. Not only did I feel extremely self-conscious about the way I was walking (wobbly), but I was doing it *very* slowly because of the limping and dizziness at times. Yes I have a cane (which I don't need all the time, that I forgot that day, and which I feel is almost useless since I suck at using it [it doesn't help much when I keep almost falling over]). In hindsight, I should've let the father of my daughter's boyfriend get that wheelchair for me (I didn't because I didn't want to be pushed around (again with the self-consciousness).  I know that being pushed is not necessarily necessary (see the words inside the last parenthesis), but that's the first thing that came to mind when he asked if he should get one instead of the electric cart. He had asked customer service about an electric cart for me, but of course there weren't any available. I didn't think to reserve one in advance.

          All righty. This has taken seemingly forever to write and edit, so I'm done. By for now!


They are not aware said...

One cannot edit one's own stuff -- not well at least.
"bye" = "I am gone."
"by" = next to something
A friendly note from your grammar Nazi.

Todd said...

Thank you, the wise grammar Nazi. I think my editing up to that point was pretty well done. It took me a long time, even after I said that I was done, to post it. Guess that my writing isn't perfect after all. Damn!Well, must keep trying. I was going to rest. Guess not.

They are not aware said...

never any rest for the weary--or the grammar Nazi.

Todd said...

But I'm so weary. Please let me rest.