Wednesday, July 24

New cooling vest

(clicking enlarges the pic)
This is me in my new cooling vest.

I did wear it when I walked over to the mailbox, then to the exercise room where I rode a stationary bike for 15 minutes, with the temp being about 97*F. The vest no doubt kept me cooler than usual the whole time, but because I only had the cooling packets in the freezer for a few hours and they weren't completely frozen, not as cool as they will when fully frozen. I don't know how much it's supposed to cover me. Maybe I should've ordered the medium size instead of the small. For anyone who's wondering, it does fit in the freezer with all 5 packets installed. They sent me 10 packets.


They are not aware said...

I would think, from the picture, you got the right size. A medium might be longer but would be looser and more bulky. I would assume that it was designed to not be that noticeable under clothing. I think you will find it beneficial even in the warm southern evenings.

Todd said...

Okay, that makes sense. It fits pretty comfortably. I wore it to Walmart last night, on the outside of my shirt (just like the picture) and I admit it did look kind of weird compared to everyone else. *smile* No, I'm not self conscious at all. lol